8 Biggest Luxury Home Design Trends for 2022

8 Biggest Luxury Home Design Trends for 2022

If you’ve been following home design trends, you could’ve noticed that 2021 luxury home design trends were all about the amenities that keep you from leaving the house; home gyms, saunas, home pools, etc. They were thought out to meet the leftover needs from 2020 and the height of the pandemic.

However, things are looking a little bit different this year. Of course, we can still see some influence from the pandemic, but the trends of 2022 are much more complex. In the rest of this article, we’ll go over some of the biggest luxury home design trends for 2022 and explain how they became so popular.

1. Home Libraries 

home library with hanging plants

An extensive, extravagant home library is every bookworm’s dream – a room with wall-to-wall shelves filled with endless worlds available within your reach. If they come with a reading nook, home libraries are a great quiet place to escape people, unwind and enjoy a good book. And for the past year, they’ve only been increasing in popularity. In the past, the main attraction in most celebrities’ homes were their home theaters and game rooms, but now home libraries are taking over. And if you want to design your home like a celebrity, you can utilize the space you don’t use and convert it into a home library with a beautiful little reading corner to relax.

2. Large Outdoor Areas

It’s only natural that after months of being unable to leave the house, large backyards and outdoor areas became one of the top trends in luxury real estate last year. More importantly, they’re still going strong today in 2022.

Outdoor decks and patios are ideal for people who prefer to spend as much time as possible outside, breathing in the fresh air. You can even use them as outdoor offices instead of spending all day locked inside your actual home office. Or, you can add a pool, a garden, or an outdoor kitchen with a grill so you can spend more quality time outside with your family. 

3. Natural Elements

Another trend that’s already been popular before and sticking all through 2022 is using natural materials and color palettes in luxury home design. Warm beige, browns, blues, and greens, with their calming presence and easy-on-the-eyes appeal, will bring comfort to your house. Moreover, blonde wood furniture will help keep areas very light and airy.

Wooden tiles, as a hardwood alternative, have also increased in popularity. They’re less expensive yet durable and effortless to maintain. When installed right, they can look almost exactly like hardwood floors yet be much more functional.

4. Sustainable Decor

A modern room with wooden floors and shutters.

As concerns about climate change grow, sustainable methods are becoming more popular in home design. Eco-friendly production and repurposed materials, such as reclaimed tiles, have significantly increased in the past year. Luxury home design is no longer just about following current trends and mixing them up every couple of years. It’s about finding sustainable, timeless solutions that will look good and function well for years to come.

With the use of recycled materials, we’ve also seen an increase in upcycling old luxury furniture and using it as an accent piece, among other more modern furnishings. It gives rooms a unique and one-of-a-kind feel most luxury homeowners want.

5. Statement Chandeliers

After years of adoring subtle bronze, alabaster, and blown glass lighting fads, things have made a turn in 2022. One of the biggest luxury home design trends in 2022 is unusual pendants and weirdly shaped or colored chandeliers.

Although they look great, chandeliers like this can be very fragile, and you should be extra careful when transporting these. To ensure they don’t get damaged, experts at Centennial Moving Canada recommend using a lot of bubble wrap and moving it slowly and gently. Of course, the best way to go is to hire professionals who have experience transporting such fragile items.

6. Bold Patterns and Colors

While some prefer minimalism and neutral colors, others feel that trend is over. To them, it’s all about maximalism and bold patterns and colors that make your home feel and look like no other. However, we don’t recommend going crazy with large, bold designs or putting them on all of your fabrics and walls. Instead, you should combine patterned wallpaper with a material like wood or stone. Alternatively, you can combine a brick floor with a unique shape and form, such as a herringbone or chevron. That’s a terrific way to experiment with patterns without making the space feel cluttered and chaotic.

7. Smart Home Appliances 

A colorful wallpaper and a chandelier.

In recent years smart homes have been only increasing in popularity. But it’s not all just about convenience and smart appliances. Although it’s nice to turn on your light using your voice or phone, smart home security systems are even more critical. If you’re buying a luxury home, you should take extra steps to find a secure home for you and your family. Or, you can spend a serious amount installing all the security precautions.

8. Elegant Bathrooms

The last one listed, but not the least important of luxury home design home trends for 2022, is an elegant bathroom. Luxurious homes include bathrooms that allow people to shake off the day’s anxieties and recuperate. Instead of being rooms that people visit a few times a day, bathrooms are now growing into huge, well-designed areas that give luxury homeowners a spa-like experience.

High-end finishes, earthy stones, exquisite fixtures, and tiered lighting are among the most popular features of a luxury bathroom. Along with them are also large vanities that leave plenty of space for getting ready and steam rooms or saunas within the bathroom.

Buying a Luxury Home

If you’re considering buying a luxury home in Ontario, there are certain things to pay attention to. For example, you should carefully choose the location and inspect the home and area completely before you make the purchase. Don’t rush to make this decision; take as long as you need to think it through.

In Conclusion

While most luxury trends last year focused on what people lacked in quarantine, trends of 2022 are different. Almost all of the most prominent luxury home design trends for 2022 are about making your living space feel comfortable, sustainable, and true to you and your taste.

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