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How to Add Value to Your Home With Landscaping

Realtors all over the world know it, and now it’s time you know it too – the first impression is what makes the sale. Okay, it’s important to give attention to staging your interior too. However, the potential buyers start the bidding in their heads way before they announce it to you. Years of experience in the real estate market suggest that the bidding starts as soon as they lay eyes on your landscape. The curb appeal has a major role in the course of the sale of your home. So, let us fill you in on the secret of how to add value to your home with landscaping.

Improve the appearance of the front walkway

A prospective buyer’s initial impression of your property includes the pathway. If you want to make your open house a smashing success, you need to step up your game. So, invest some effort into making your front walk and entrance look their best. When the front walk is attractively adorned, it immediately improves the mood of the whole home. What can you do to make it look like the royals are about to walk it? One example of good practice is arranging flower beds on both sides of the path and ensuring it’s always well-lit. It will provide a stunning dramatic effect.

Put maximum effort into the lawn appearance

A lawn in the backyard

What do you see when you look at the pictures of luxurious properties that you’d give your left kidney for? A well-maintained, tennis-court-like lawn with all the grass cut perfectly and evenly. You can use the simple lawn maintenance trick to your advantage when the time comes to sell. If you put some additional effort into making every little grass in your yard look perfect, the potential buyers will have a feeling that your property is worth way more than it is. 

Pay close attention to the edges

One of the major differences between expensive and cheap-looking lawns is the edges. Why is that? Professionals often maintain expensive-looking lawns and know that the key to making it look stunning is paying attention to the edges. Remember – your front walkway can’t shine in all its glory if the small pieces of grass lurk around its corners. So, even if you don’t want to spend money on hiring professionals and you’re a fan of DIY projects to improve your curb appeal – make sure not to oversee this crucial step in the process.

Turn to artificial alternatives instead

With all in mind, watering, cutting, and simply maintaining grass can be a daunting and time-consuming process. So, instead of going through all that, you can opt for creative landscaping with artificial grass. As experts with much experience suggest, it has many uses, and with a little effort, you can make a true masterpiece with a little artificial grass in your yard. 

Light it up

Lighting fixtures for outdoor areas are fast becoming a must-have for prospective homeowners. A well-designed landscape lighting system can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal, the visibility of your landscaping, and even your peace of mind. When you want to prepare your home for sale, look into LED and solar solutions to illuminate the outdoors of your house without raising your utility bill.

An easy approach to increase curb appeal is by installing pathway lights. As well as improving the aesthetic appeal of your house’s exterior at night, path lights are an essential safety addition for any property with concrete surfaces such as walks, steps, driveways, or patios.

Save the planet – plant some trees

A house surrounded by trees

If you asked us – is it possible to be eco-friendly, increase privacy and make a killer landscape? We’d say – absolutely yes! If you decide to plant some trees in your backyard, you’ll do all these three things at once. A tried and proven recipe for success in increasing your curb appeal is tastefully planting trees. You can consult experts to determine the best options for your property. 

This step is so crucial because planting trees grants you privacy, which is something that many potential buyers put additional money on. Also, trees are little ”oxygen factories”. By having them in your backyard, you guarantee your buyers a better quality of air, which is priceless in today’s world.

Make sure to get rid of all the things that ruin the curb appeal

Gardening tools on a table

There are many things you can add, but also many things you can get rid of to improve your curb appeal. For example:

  • Get all the gardening tools out of sight
  • Old and worn-out plant beds can do you more damage than good
  • Focus on getting all of the mess from your roof and gutters

People often forget the roof, but you shouldn’t

Even though it’s so high up, the roof is an essential part of your landscape. A perfect curb appeal can be easily ruined with full gutters and a damaged roof. To avoid that unwanted outcome, experts suggest paying attention to roof maintenance and, especially – bird control. This might not seem like a lot, but it can make a real difference and make your home more appealing.

What can you add to add value to your home with landscaping?

Of course, when everything is fresh, clean, and nicely maintained, you can focus a bit on making a statement with the final details you can add. Good examples are:

Bottom line

There are a lot of things that you can do to add value to your home with landscaping. So, consider some of the options we presented to you. Make sure to adjust them to your situation. Be creative, play with them and make a great profit in the process.

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