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Why ClickUp for Real Estate?

ClickUp for Real Estate is a must for managing a real estate business right now, and in this article, I will tell you why. I have been an agent, ran a property management department, and owned a real estate agency, and I wish so much this tool was around when I was doing so! Despite that it was not, I am grateful to be able to take advantage of it now for multiple businesses I am partnered in.  

One App to replace them all 

This is a pretty big claim, and at first, I called it bullshit. Well, until I eventually signed up and explored the platform for the first time. If you have had no experience using productivity tools before, then this will blow your mind, and you will probably put it in the too-hard basket. I have used these types of tools for 10+ years, so once I finally worked it out, I was super pumped and could see how that statement was almost true.  

How many apps does ClickUp replace in your Real Estate Business? 

This will all depend on how many apps you use, of course. I have seen some businesses with none and still run very old-school and inefficiently. Then, there are businesses that grab every tool in the market. This practice will send your subscription costs through the roof, so where is the happy medium? I will now go into some of the fundamental features that will excite you! 

Clickup for Real Estate 005

Communication for Real Estate Business  

In business, communication is key, and the speed at which you can communicate is even more important. Email, SMS, and phone are almost dead. Well, these should be for internal team chat anyways. I had been using Slack for a very long time for internal team communication. Now, since using ClickUp, I do not have to. You can communicate directly on the space or the task.  

ClickUp Communication

This feature is super cool and really makes collaborating so simple. Let’s move on, though. 

Task management for Real Estate Business 

Trello has been my long-time love for this, and recently, I have had to say goodbye. The task management system in ClickUp is like Trello on steroids because it has all that Trello does and more. Let’s look at a new listing, for example, and how you can simply manage this on ClickUp.  

Real Estate Task Management

There it is. It is Trello, but wait till you see what you can add to the task. 

click up add task

OMG, right! That’s a lot of stuff. I am still only getting to the finer details, but literally, you can do everything you could possibly need and some right inside the task. I have gone through and highlighted some of the notable features so that you can easily see the different tasks. Things I have highlighted for you are as follows:   

  • Custom fields – add as many as you can for quick reference and triggers as you need
  • Time tracking – see how long each item takes and who is working on what
  • Checklist function – you can add a checklist to an individual task inside of the card
  • Simple drag-and-drop file upload 
  • Location tracking – see the map view for your listings 
  • Chat function – for collaboration  
  • Simple easy-to-see due dates 
  • ZOOM – Yes, that’s right! Zoom straight out of your task 

There is way more, but I think you are getting the picture. I must mention that Map view is something really cool. Imagine, at a glance, you see all your prospects, listings, and managements neatly on a map view. Here is a sample of a board where we have started entering our leads and how it looks on the map view.  

click up map view

In this view, you will see five (5) pin drops. These are the leads that we got this week. Pretty cool for us to get a global perspective. For you with a more local approach, can you imagine how cool it would be looking at a new listing? Then, a pin drop of two future prospects in the surrounding streets? 

So, we have covered communication, task tracking, and now, mapping. I just now want to go over two other points that will get you signing up to ClickUp today.  

Task triggers and automation for Real Estate Business 

I am not sure how techy or systemised you are, but this will blow your mind. Before triggering things to happen, I had to use a combination of zaps out of Zapier and forms out of JotForm. No longer now! Think about real estate and the forms you need that could trigger some. In this example, let’s use a new appraisal. If a form is filled out, things will just happen. That is the goal of any system. Then, once the task is complete, it moves automatically onto the next phase.  

ClickUp Automation
ClickUp Form
ClickUp Automation Task
click up add automation

These features will literally transform your business. Just think about this: a form is filled out, a card is created with a set task list, and upon completion, the system creates a new set of tasks with all the right people assigned for whatever is next.   

I am going to leave you at this, as you may get overexcited. All I can say is get on board, and start systemising and automating your Real Estate Business right now. If you want to know more about ClickUp, I do consulting on the platform as a paid hobby, as I am very passionate about what it can do. If you liked this article, the way you can pay it back is by sharing the article and leave an appreciative comment. Thanks for your time.  

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