Easy DIY Projects to Improve Your Curb Appeal Before Selling Your Home

Easy DIY Projects to Improve Your Curb Appeal Before Selling Your Home

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to real estate. When someone is shopping for a new home, the first thing they see is the exterior of the house, and if it looks a bit lackluster, they are less likely to want to see the interior. No matter how gorgeous the interior of your home is, if you do not have good curb appeal, it might feel unwelcoming to potential buyers.

Before putting your house on the market, take some time to prepare your home for sale by upgrading your exterior and improving your curb appeal. You want a buyer to think the house is cute when they see it, so you may need to do a few things to fix it up. Here, we will look at some easy DIY projects that you can do to improve your curb appeal before trying to sell your home.

Paint Your Front Door

front door painted with red

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the look of your home exterior. Let some personality shine through with the door color, too. You can make something bold and bright, like a yellow or red door, making it stand out to prospective buyers. This does not take too long to do, and it is an affordable project too, so it is something quick and simple to do yourself shortly before putting the house on the market.

Install Stone Veneer Wainscoting

Wainscoting is also known as skirting or a foundation cover. If you have an unsightly concrete foundation you want to cover or you just want to add a little something extra to your exterior, installing stone veneer wainscoting is a great choice. It comes in many color options, so you can find one that works with your home color, and it can be installed on a single weekend. It is perfect if you love the look of stone or brick, but it is affordable and one of the best projects you can DIY without needing the help of a professional mason that will quickly improve your curb appeal.

Touch up Paint

Repainting your entire home exterior can be expensive and time-consuming, but if you have any paint that is cracked, peeling, or faded, it can hurt your property value. Take some time to touch up any areas that need it if you do not have the time and money to repaint the entire exterior.

Prune Trees and Shrubs

Prune Trees and Shrubs

Having trees and shrubs should enhance the exterior of the house, but it often ends up hiding it. If you put your house on the market with overgrown trees or shrubs that hide the beauty of your home, it can hurt your curb appeal. Not only will it look unsightly, but it will also make it easier for someone to break into. Prospective buyers want to know they are moving somewhere safe, so having well-pruned trees and shrubs that are not hiding entry points is a good idea.

If you have any trees or plants that are dead or dying, get them removed from the property before trying to sell. Dead plants scream “neglect” to a potential buyer and will make them wonder if any issues are hiding in the house that you neglected to take care of.

Clean up the Exterior

One great way to boost your curb appeal is to clean up your exterior. Rent a pressure washer and clean the entire exterior of the house. Then, wash the driveway and any walkways. If any trees look dingy, give them a quick pass with the pressure washer to make sure they look good too. Try to make everything as sparkling clean as possible.

Replace Your Mailbox


When was the last time you truly looked at your mailbox? Since it most likely has your house numbers on it, your potential buyers will be looking at it pretty closely. Get a new mailbox or repaint the existing one to make it look new. Consider getting a locking mailbox to keep mail more secure; that will appeal to prospective buyers.

You can take it a step further and install stone veneer on your mailbox pillar to give it even more depth and character. For the finishing touch, plant a few flowers at the base. The mailbox is often overlooked, but it is something that can hurt your curb appeal if you do not take the time to upgrade it. Little DIY projects like this can be an easy way to help improve your curb appeal.

Install New Hardware

The doorknob on your front door has probably been there since you bought the house. Same for your doorbell, door knocker, and light fixtures. Get new hardware and fixtures to make it all stand out. Look for door hardware that complements the color of the door.

When installing your new hardware and fixtures, ensure that the area outside your home is well-lit. Add lights to any walkways, your driveway, and your yard. This will make the buyers feel like the home is more secure, and they will be more interested in purchasing a secure home.

Polish Your Landscaping

Make sure your lawn is freshly mowed, edged, and trimmed before taking photos of the exterior for the listing. Make sure it has some special attention before showings, too, so it keeps looking its best when buyers are over.

Plant a few flowers out front, too, to give it a cheery splash of color. If you are someone who does not have a green thumb, consider hiring a professional to keep your yard looking its best.

Give the Porch Extra Attention

The porch is a crucial part of your curb appeal. It is how someone will walk up to your door to see the interior for the first time, so you want to make sure it looks beautiful and inviting. Make sure that any furniture on your porch looks cozy and inviting and that any decor is also inviting but uncluttered. If you can, add seating on your porch or out back, something that will encourage people to sit down and stay for a while. People love having large outdoor spaces to gather, and adding some seating can help you enhance that for potential buyers.

Replace Your House Numbers

Your house numbers have probably not been updated since you bought the house, so replacing those is a good idea. Make sure they are clear to read and easy to spot from the street. This is something that prospective buyers will be looking closely at when they first arrive at your house, so you want it to look great.

Install Smart Security Options

Smart home options are a great way to improve your property value, and they can help you improve curb appeal. For example, installing a smart doorbell is something the buyers can see, giving them an extra layer of security. You can also install a secure package delivery box, so any packages you have delivered will be safe from porch pirates. Little luxury home improvements like this can make a difference when trying to sell your home.

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