16 Hacks For Real Estate Websites That Drive More Leads

16 Hacks For Real Estate Websites That Drive More Leads

Generating new leads for any business can often seem to be a tricky ordeal. Capturing new leads for your business is necessarily the backbone of every business or agency. Attracting potential clients to your business and increasing your conversion rates is vital for businesses to succeed over time. 

From escape room businesses worldwide to even real estate agencies, effective lead generation is an essential step. Especially with the rise in competition in the markets today, businesses of every kind need to work on the right strategies to grow more leads and increase their organic traffic

So, if you own a real estate agency and are still struggling to grow new leads on your website, this article is all you’ll ever need! This article will show you 16 effective hacks that will help you drive more leads to your real estate website proficiently. 

1.  Your brand website

Only working with a single-page website your broker offers will never help you grow more leads. You need to create your brand website to grow your business effectively. It will help you establish your brand’s credibility and reliability in front of your potential prospects. 

2.  Your landing page 

Real Estate Landing Page

Ensure that your landing page prompts your viewers to take a specific action. Some of the different kinds of prompts that you may use are:

●     Schedule an appointment

●     Find out the value of your house

●     Download the buyer’s guide

●     Sign-up for a newsletter 

Your landing page need not necessarily remain restricted to just the options mentioned above. No matter how you plan and design your landing page, ensure that it targets diverse kinds of viewers and gains high-quality leads! 

3.  Mobile Optimization

You will find more users using their phones to look for anything online rather than on any other device. According to some recent stats, approximately 80-90% of potential buyers tend to search online, and 30% of them are usually mobile users. Furthermore, even Google has updated its algorithms to offer higher rankings to mobile-friendly sites. Therefore, it is high time for you to optimize your website for mobile users efficiently. 

4.  Sending text messages

business man sending text message while holding coffee

Often real estate agencies lose their potential leads as they do not text them. Most of your potential leads will soon lose interest if you fail to contact them soon enough. So, understand the vitality of conversing with your leads and expand it beyond your website alone! Sending them messages even on their phone can be a viable way to hold on to your leads. 

5.  Local SEO

Employing local SEO strategies can help you get discovered by clients locally. Google search results appear based on the user’s current geolocation. Therefore, local SEO practices can help your agency pop up when users look for real estate agencies online!

6.  Community page

When your potential buyers think of relocating to a new place, they would naturally look for specific communities located therein. Therefore, you can create your own community page to place your website as the best in that area strategically. You can also cover useful topics like climate, demographics, schools, public services, etc., on your community page!

7.  Organizing your new leads

Other than generating new leads, it is also essential to keep up with each of them efficiently. A real estate agent must check if your website efficiently matches your CRM. After you do it, all your new leads will deposit seamlessly into your CRM!

8.  Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads


Pay-Per-Click advertising is an effective mode of advertising businesses on the web. Especially since the majority of your buyers will start their research online, PPC ads will help you immensely! There are several paid advertising programs that you can choose from to grow your authority and prominence over the web. As your ad pops on various web pages, you can gain by growing more leads effectively! 

9.  Remarketing tactics

Just as the name suggests, retargeting or remarketing refers to the idea of once again targeting viewers who have previously visited your website. Since viewers who have already visited your site are naturally more prone to qualify as leads, retargeting can be a beneficial practice!

10. Social media advertising

The number of social media users continues to grow daily, and analysis reveals that the number is especially high on Facebook and Instagram. You can now indulge in paid advertising campaigns on these two social media platforms to gather more organic traffic to your website! Given that these sites have sufficient valuable data, you can easily target your audience therein. 

11. Customer testimonials and reviews

Customer testimonials and reviews

Leveraging testimonials/reviews from your past or existing customers is a helpful way to grow your leads. You can have a separate landing page to only showcase your customer testimonials and reviews. Linking your testimonial page together with your contact page is a helpful strategy to effortless gain more leads to your website!

12. Native advertising

It can act as a vital mode of advertising and is different from your traditional ways. Native advertising seamlessly blends with the already existing content on a given page. Even though social networks mostly use it, your real estate website can also gain much by using it!

13. Content marketing

Crafting effective and informative content is the key to satisfying your viewers and growing new leads. Your website content can focus on answering the questions of your potential prospects and solving their problems. Realtors mainly focus on curating blog posts and publishing unique articles and infographics to grow their leads effectively. 

14. Social media marketing

Social media marketing

Social media can help your real estate website to grow more leads proficiently. From posting new photos and videos to curating infographic content for your social media feed, there are many ways to work on social media marketing. So, engage with your audience efficiently and offer them helpful insights about your business!

15. Chatbots/live chats

Your prospects might often look for chat options on your website to learn more about your business rather than calling or filling up a form. Thus, live chats have become a crucial element in different websites. You can even use chatbots to interact, engage with your viewers, and solve their needs. 

16. Design of your website

Even the overall design of your website has a key role to play in attracting new leads. Ensure that your website has an appealing and catchy design to hook the interest of your viewers and convert them into prospective leads! 

With that, our list of 16 helpful hacks comes to an end. While we have just mentioned a few strategies to get started with, you need not restrict yourself to just these, for the world is your oyster! 

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