How Much Does A VA Cost and Where Do They Work From copy

How Much Does A VA Cost and Where Do They Work From?

Virtual Assistants can be found everywhere around the world. Qualified, skilled, and efficient, they can assist you in your business in multiple ways. Whether located near or far from your physical location, their service is reliable and pocket-friendly.

As a matter of fact, did you know that it is possible to get started with outsourcing your new or existing projects to virtual assistants at less than USD$50 a month? That’s right! In fact, there are VA services that begin as low as USD$5 and then vary, depending on the timeline and complexity of the project or plan. 

Countries like the US, India, and Philippines have been sourcing virtual assistants for different industry-related work for ages. Let us take a deeper look at the prices and benefits of VA services from these countries. 

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VA Companies in the US, India, & Philippines

Here are some of the best VA companies that offer dedicated assistants at the best value for your money: 

1. Boldly

This company is a US-based virtual assistance services giant operating since 2009. Hourly rates of the VA services available begin from USD$37-43. The minimum package available from Boldly is USD$430 for 10 hours’ worth of services.

There is ease of communication, especially if your target audience comprises Native English speakers. You can choose bilingual VAs from the company too. However, the services are priced at very high rates and they do not offer FREE TRIAL work. You can hire an entire team, apart from just having a dedicated assistant.

2. MyTasker

MyTasker is based in India with over 8 years in the virtual assistance arena. The company offers different service plans starting at USD$140 for 10 hours. They offer specialized assistants for different kinds of work including website development, content creation, search engine optimization strategies, and can even help with your regular operations. The company offers FREE TRIAL and discounts worth up to 20% on their services. They also roll over your account balance for ease of operations. The company is renowned for its Admin, Marketing, and SEO services.


They are the finest platform to find qualified VAs in the Philippines. The best aspect of the platform is its excellent filtering abilities. Prices begin from USD$69 a month and there are different plans worth 20 or 40 hours a week. Hourly rates are as cheap as USD$3-8. However, you cannot communicate or speak with your VA unless you purchase a plan. The company offers FREE TRIAL and its services are best suited for full-time projects.

VA Costs in the US 

The average cost of VA services in the US range between USD$25 and USD$75. This greatly depends on the skills and experience of the assistant. Virtual assistants with specializations in certain tasks cost higher than usual. The mantra with the US VA companies is to buy bigger packages for optimal hourly rates.

VA Costs in the US

VA Costs in India 

Virtual assistant rates in India range from USD$5-15 on an hourly basis. These are highly attractive and reasonable prices for Western clients or those residing in developed nations. Newer companies offer enormous discounts that make it an excellent experience for clients. The bonus of choosing VAs from India is that the more hours you choose, the more economic it becomes for you overall.

VA Costs in the Philippines 

The Philippines is known for its VA services that cost as low as USD$3 or less on an hourly basis. There are different virtual job boards and VA companies that tag their prices based on the qualities and experience of the VA you choose. However, they still have active plans to avail dedicated assistants for under USD$400 a month.

VA Cost in the Philippines

US VA Services Benefits 

  • Easy for Westerners to communicate 
  • Promptness at work and response
  • They are a cultural fit for the US Natives 
  • Identical time zone and flexibility of work  

India VA Services Benefits 

  • Skilled labor available at a more economic rate
  • More English speakers in India than in the US, providing flexibility of communication and work
  • The time difference enables work to be done in advance and scheduled ahead of time 

Philippines VA Services Benefits 

  • One of the most affordable VA services around the world starting at just USD$3 for an hour
  • The large time difference enables the ability to staff round the clock, which could benefit growing businesses
Philippines VA Services Benefits


The comparison of rates between the VA services available from these three different countries is handy research work. It gives you the liberty to choose between low, moderate, and high-priced VA services. Similarly, experience and skill are essential factors that vary depending on the price that you pay for the service.

There are options available to choose between fully-operating teams or dedicated assistants depending on different plans. Whether it is personal agenda or business promotion, try it all with the most reasonable VA services from around the world. 

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