How to Become a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

How to Become a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

A real estate virtual assistant is a worker who helps facilitate real estate transactions online. The assistant works for a real estate agent or broker to improve the business’ overall efficiency. The VA helps ensure the agent will focus on acquiring properties and selling them to prospective buyers or renters.

A VA can complete a full assortment of tasks, including:

  • Completing market research
  • Preparing listings
  • Managing communications with people, including through emails and social media
  • Prepare marketing materials
  • Handle paperwork and other documents necessary for transactions

The demand for real estate virtual assistants is very high, as realtors are always looking for assistance in helping them grow. A VA will make properties more visible, simplify transactions, and ensure everyone is happy with a real estate deal.

The process for how to become a real estate virtual assistant isn’t as complex as you would expect. You can do a few things to get on your way to being a profitable and successful VA.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Skills

Develop the Proper Skills

Your work as a real estate VA will be about assisting businesses with their marketing and back office efforts. Part of your work will entail understanding what fits in your field and how you’re going to support other people.

You must establish the proper skills if you want to become a real estate VA:

Understand real estate terms and how the industry works. You can complete online courses to learn how to manage the real estate field.

  • Understand real estate terms and how the industry works. You can complete online courses to learn how to manage the real estate field.
  • You’ll need to utilize the proper office software programs in your work. Be sure you’re familiar with how various Microsoft Office or OpenOffice programs work.
  • You must also have some experience with Tailwind or Buffer or other automation programs. These work well for social media purposes.
  • In-person communication will be a necessity in some cases, especially when clarifying data with a client. Be prepared to handle communications with others in your work environment.
  • Writing skills are critical, especially if you’re going to work on your blog or social media posts.
  • Working with databases is a must for virtual assistant work. Be prepared to handle various database programs.
Real Estate Virtual Assistant Location

Consider Your Location

Take note of the location you’ll work in when becoming a virtual assistant. You could become a VA that helps companies in the United States or Canada, but you’d have to work the night shift there if you’re in the Philippines. Working the night shift can take a toll on people after a while, so working a day shift position as a VA for companies in Australia and New Zealand may be a better option.

You’ll need to develop skills in managing real estate in whatever country you wish to serve. You can utilize trainers in your country or resource websites to understand how the real estate industry works. is an ideal website for people in Australia to review, for instance. You can also check on articles and reports at places like or

Look at the rules for real estate in whatever country you wish to support. Stick with positions in the country you’re comfortable in serving. You’ve got many online resources to review when becoming a VA. You can use the Purple Powered VA website to learn more about virtual assistant positions and receive the training you require.

Do You Have to Live Somewhere Specific?

You can become a VA from anywhere in the world, although people are more likely to hire you if you’re in a country where you could be hired for cheap. The Philippines is considered the top place for VAs because the real estate system in the Philippines is similar to what it is like in most other parts of the world. The lower cost of living in the Philippines also ensures cheaper employment, meaning there’s no need for a real estate company to spend as much. A company could hire more VAs than local workers and still spend less.

Check the Right Places

You can find VA jobs in many places if you look hard enough. Some of the places you can consider when finding VA positions include:

  • Check social media networks to see what positions are open. LinkedIn is the best choice, as it focuses on professional relationships.
  • Visit in-person networking events if they’re open. Bring enough resumes or portfolios on hand.
  • Check local job boards or agencies to see if anything new is open. You can also review what specific tasks these listings require.

Develop a Possible Niche

The last point for becoming a VA is to show that you understand what you’re doing and that you can manage a unique niche. You can highlight a niche that focuses on a specific task you want to concentrate on the most. You could show you’re more capable of managing social media or blog posts, or that you can communicate well with others.

You may be competing with other prospective virtual assistants for specific positions. You can show when highlighting your VA work that you can manage unique tasks that others might not be as well-versed in managing.

All these points for how to become a real estate virtual assistant will help you become successful in finding a position in the field. You’ll enjoy the excitement that comes with being a VA, plus you’ll find the industry is highly profitable.

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