How To Use Your VA As A Realtor

How To Use Your VA As A Realtor

Real estate is a multimillion-dollar industry. It is heavily market-reliant and interconnected with other sectors, and therein lies the thrill and challenge. Most real estate agents often find the business self-manageable at the beginning. However, with its expansion over time a lot of legal work and pinpoint strategies may be required that can play a vital role in business growth.

Hence, it is a good idea to have one or more experts on your team who can not only help you with market strategy and promotion but also in running day-to-day operations efficiently. And headhunting for such professionals just became easier with virtual assistants available from various parts of the globe. Wondering how they can help you with your real estate projects? 

virtual assistant

VAs are trained professionals who can help with a number of tasks, including the creation of marketing plans, managing email directories, engaging clients, building relationships, conducting legal drafts, boosting sales, and more. 

Whether it’s a startup or an established business, this is more than simply outsourcing your work. You get to interact closely with an expert directly engaged with the industry and implement your specific brand values and goals. It is helpful for the business to unlock a wide spectrum of marketing possibilities with the help of your virtual assistants. There is already a lot on the plate of real estate business owners. Qualified virtual assistants can operate as legal realtors to help your business grow. 

Also, if you are a solopreneur, having a VA or a team of VAs can be a big boost. 

Uses of Realtor VAs 

Here are some of the best ways in which virtual assistants can help you out in your real estate business

1. Phone Support

Phone Support

Handling phone calls in the real estate sector is an overwhelming task. You can let the VA attend and make client calls as well as other related communication while you focus on mainstream aspects of your enterprise. VAs can do everything from scheduling appointments to answering buyer questions.

When you cannot reach out to someone telephonically at the first go and become busy later during the day, it can be challenging to remember and follow up. But with your VA at hand, you need not worry. Your VA not only manages the list but gets back and follows up with each of them diligently.

2. Marketing


Advertising and marketing your business is essential for selling properties to vendors and customers. And there are several creative ways to do that. Virtual assistants can help with different real estate marketing strategies like graphic design, SEO, content marketing, social media management, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and more.

VAs help to create, expand, and keep your marketing strategies in place and consolidate your digital footprint as well. Experienced realtor virtual assistants already have existing relationships in the marketplace that enhance your business reach. This helps to attract more clients who are ready to buy the property on sale.

3. Operations


There are innumerable important regular paperwork and more that need proper attention. You do not want to compromise on the quality or authenticity of your real estate business. It is important to ensure that your business is completely secure from all kinds of external market threats. Paperworks can get expensive and difficult to compile.

Your VA can take care of essential operations including data entry, marketplace research, management of client relationships and CRMS, conducting transactions, tracking of records, secure data storage, back-up maintenance, collection of feedback, reverting to clients on time, and a lot more. Your VA is literally your work genie if you outsource and delegate tasks in an organized manner.

There are different needs within the real estate industry. However, the most important one is to have a registered business. It needs a legal framework to protect the brand or company from innumerable external threats. These laws vary in different countries.

However, it is possible to get a realtor VA to conduct legal drafts and get them approved by the authorities if you so wish. Skilled virtual assistants with years of experience have a good network and know the right people with whom to get in touch. They can help in the approval of the application and paperwork swiftly to get you licensed and the business on track ASAP.

5. Inbound & Outbound Sales

inbound and outbound sales

It is essential to build relationships and stay in touch with prospects and visitors of your business. A realtor VA can take care of that. They ensure regular to-and-fro communication with existing clients and prospects to keep them updated on openings, offers, and other important information.

Experts know how to nurture leads to convert them into customers rather than simply making cold calls. Also, it is essential to produce results, and generating leads is the best way to do this. Your virtual assistants can go for the conventional as well as modern techniques to give you the desired results. 


If you’re a real estate agent or business owner, virtual assistants with a background and experience in the real estate market can undoubtedly be an immense help. Nevertheless, regular, dedicated assistants are also appropriate if your needs are only related to entering data or the marketing aspects of the real estate business. In the age of globalization, VAs are the next big thing you do not want to miss out one!

Why take the trouble of hiring full-time employees when you can offload your work remotely and pay as per your need? Let your virtual assistant share your responsibility and be a part of your professional journey ahead. Running your real estate business just got way easier! 

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