6 Instagram Hacks Real Estate Agents Need to Know

6 Instagram Hacks Real Estate Agents Need to Know

Nowadays, social media platforms are an important marketing tool for every industry, especially real estate agents.

Leveraging social media marketing for real estate agents is one of the most effective ways to gain new clients. It helps your business succeed in this competitive industry.

Instagram has become one of the most effective social media that can be used for a real estate business marketing strategy. It is a powerful platform to increase your customers’ engagement and improve conversion sales.

Instagram provides an excellent opportunity for real estate agents to build their brands, advertise their properties, and acquire new clients online.

Not only that, there are some Instagram hacks that every realtor needs to know. Here are six Instagram hacks that can help your real estate business.

1. Post High-Quality Contents

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The first Instagram hack is about strategy and content. When you use Instagram, you must provide high-quality content so that it can attract more customers to visit your Instagram account.

You can post about property information to keep followers up to date on what you do as a real estate agent, as well as advertise your current listings or seasonal discounts to attract potential clients.

To ensure that your posts are of high quality, you can provide a perfect feed design that matches a square layout and aligns with your brand’s color scheme and image. Make sure your posts are consistent and interesting with compelling captions.

You’ll also need to add some hashtags before posting. Hashtags help Instagram users find your content quickly. By adding relevant hashtags to your post, you can save time looking for the audience interested in the property.

2. Invest in Videos Marketing

Video is becoming increasingly important in this digital era, as more people prefer to consume information through video. More importantly, videos generate over 1,200% more social shares than text and image posts.

This is a great opportunity to promote your real estate agency to a wider audience through video marketing campaigns.

Videos help you showcase your property by showing the benefits and explaining the use of your product in an easy-to-understand and entertaining way.

You can use the video marketing checklist to make it easier for you to plan your video campaign carefully. So investing through video marketing is the right strategy for realtors to increase brand awareness and conversion sales.

3. Use Instagram Automation Tools

The next Instagram hack is using Instagram automation tools to help you reach a wider audience and connect with other accounts in your niche. This is an effective strategy for increasing your social media presence.

This Instagram automation tool helps your account post and schedule content easily, interact with followers, comment on a post, and many more. You can save time using Instagram automation tools. If you barely have time to manage Instagram, using this tool is the best choice to help you manage Instagram effectively

4. Maximize the Power of Hashtags

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Not only are hashtags used to get more likes on Instagram, but they’re also a powerful way to connect with people who are looking for the content you’ve already shared. Hashtags help your real estate business reach wider audiences.

Realtors who use hashtags effectively see over 12% more engagement than those who skip them. Make sure to use hashtags relevant to your photo or video content. You can use the name of your city, property type, or business as hashtag inspiration.

You can also create your own hashtags. Remember, Instagram only allows a maximum of 30 hashtags per caption or comment.

5. Use Instagram Reels

The next Instagram hack is to take advantage of the Instagram Reels This is one of Instagram’s newest features that are popular among millennials and generation Z around the world.

Instagram Reels is a new Instagram feature for users to create video clips that are tuned to music and shared to stories, explore feeds and a new reel tab on the user’s profile.

Using Instagram Reels is one of the most effective realtor’s marketing strategies for younger audiences. You can give a virtual tour of your property to wider audiences without having to be physically there and have permission to see the property.

This can help you open up great opportunities to attract new clients. Especially, many clients don’t always have time to visit the property even though it is a perfect fit for them.

6. Instagram Ads

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Instagram advertising is a popular marketing strategy among marketers to reach the right target audience and increase sales conversions effectively.

If you want to run ads or improve posts, you must first make sure that your real estate account is a business account on Instagram.

The good news is that Instagram is owned by Facebook, so you can also market your real estate agency using Facebook. You just need to make sure your Facebook page and Instagram Business profile are connected.


Now you have learnt a few Instagram hacks above that you can do to optimize your marketing campaigns.

Instagram can give you more results than you think, but that’s only if you know how to use Instagram’s features and your business account effectively.

That’s why it’s important to take advantage of Instagram’s features and pull marketing efforts like posting high-quality content, leveraging video marketing tactics, using Instagram ads, etc to optimize your marketing results.

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