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Property Management Training | All You Need to Know

Training employees brings many benefits to a company, including improving knowledge and skills, supporting greater efficiencies and increasing overall productivity. This contributes as well to the exponential growth of the business. Companies that provide ongoing training to their employees can create highly effective and profitable businesses. That’s why property management businesses can also reap the benefits of ongoing property management training.

So, who needs training? The short answer is, we all do. So, let us be more specific. Who needs training in property management? Well, that is simple too. Everyone who works in the industry or those who want to work in the industry need training in property management.

In recent years, the real estate industry has sought to improve service standards, especially in sales and property management. That’s because real estate clients today demand a higher level of professional and ethical service from the industry. Accordingly, many governments now require several prerequisite courses to be completed before you can obtain a license to conduct the business of property management. And, there are plenty of training companies that run these prerequisite courses. But is this the only training that is needed to carry out property management? Definitely not! Property management training must go beyond the basics of legislation and theory if property managers want to excel and advance their careers. Relying on experience alone is not enough. In the property management industry, there is no room for complacency.

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Property management training – how it all started

Ongoing property management training dramatically differs from the property management training required to be licensed. Many professions, such as property management, require their workers to have a relevant licence or accreditation, but that does not mean they know how to do the job when they start. While the prerequisite courses need to be complied with under state laws, property managers need to know more to be efficient in their job.

Managing property involves many tasks and subtasks that must happen in a certain order with a relevant priority. As a result, property managers need to understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of each task and subtask. The unique ireviloution International Property Management Academy (iiIPMA) wanted to help property managers, including industry newcomers, understand their roles and functions by offering specialised property management training beyond the prerequisite courses. When property managers understand their purpose, they can deliver the professional service demanded by rental property owners.

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iiIPMA training offers 28 Service and Operations training courses for property managers. The course topics include property management roles and functions, new managements, tenancy applications, leasing rental properties, rental property inspections, vacating tenants, maintenance management and critical task auditing. All training courses can be undertaken online and at one’s own pace. There is no need to attend physical classes at set times, which makes the training very flexible and convenient to many. Participants can work through the property management courses at their own speed. They also have the added advantage of being taught by one of the industry’s leading authorities, Jo-Anne Oliveri CIPS, TRC, with over 30 years of real estate experience. Property managers and industry newcomers say the iiIPMA property management training is a great asset that benefits them as they advance or start their property management careers.

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Training in Property Management – start at the beginning

In line with ireviloution property management business solutions’ mission statement, “To deliver excellent quality and professional property management solutions through innovative systems, software, training and coaching,” Jo-Anne set out to develop and deliver world-class online training designed to apply the ‘how’ and ‘why’. The training is indeed unique. Why? Because it was developed based on best practices and processes with the end in mind – to operate a successful business. The property management training available online through the iiIPMA allows the whole team to obtain extensive knowledge and skills to operate a high level of service delivery.

Some of the benefits to having property management training online include:

  • Comparably less expensive than offline training options
  • Improves learner retention
  • Provides flexibility to participants
  • Lets participants learn at their own pace

ireviloution online property management training is clearly the intelligent solution to training team members to ensure the business’ immediate and long-term success. After completing the property management training, participants said that they increased their knowledge and skill set, which also increased their property management business’ overall productivity and efficiency.

Property management training and beyond

ireviloution’s iiIPMA training is divided into three areas. The first area is the Business and Leadership area consisting of eight courses developed for Team Leaders, Business Principals or those aspiring to either role. The second area is Service and Operations training, which has eight programs consisting of 28 courses for the property management operational team. The third area is Growth and Prospecting, which has six courses to assist the business to grow yet remain relevant and profitable. Growth and Prospecting courses suit team members directly or indirectly involved in growing the business’ clientele. Each area’s courses are structured to help participants achieve the learning outcomes and assessment criteria and contain the necessary information to help them complete the online training through independent study. Every course is followed by an exam designed to confirm that participants have acquired the knowledge and understanding to demonstrate their competency.

Here is an outline of the courses in each training area.

Business and Leadership training includes the following eight courses:

  • Cultivate your business
  • Compliance through consistency
  • Measuring, monitoring and managing
  • Recruitment, interview and induct
  • Motivate and mentor
  • Creating business by design and culture by design
  • Business structures for success
  • Rent roll acquisition

Service and Operations training includes a total of 28 courses in the following eight programs:

  • Understanding your role
  • New managements
  • New tenancy
  • Maximising returns, optimising growth and caring for clients
  • Managing change during the tenancy
  • Managing vacating tenants and terminations
  • Creating consistency through policy and procedures
  • Ensuring compliance through audit

Growth and Prospecting training includes the following six courses:

  • Prospecting – purposeful, planned and pertinent
  • Prospecting – consistent and persistent diligence
  • Prospecting – Outwit. Outplay. Outlast. Outshine.
  • Prospecting – sharing your YOUniqueness
  • Prospecting – GROW™ and BUILD™ from a compelling service CORE™
  • Prospecting – perception versus connection

Course prices start from US$25. The more courses you bundle together, the cheaper it is. Check out all the property management courses available online.

Problems property managers encounter

Around the world, property managers have common problems that they face in the workplace. One of these problems is the stress caused by the chaotic nature of property management operations. In order to solve this problem, property management companies must engineer systems and processes and deliver quality property management training to their team.

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That’s why ireviloution offers engineered property management systems and processes and iiIPMA provides the training needed to support it. The problem facing property managers can be solved when you combine the systems, processes and training. A workplace without stress – can you imagine it?

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What do others say about the iIIPMA training

Here are some of the real reviews from people who have undertaken the iiIPMA training course and how the training impacts their careers:

“Jo-Anne Oliveri and ireviloution have the most intuitive, informative, and inspiring training on property management. I learned beyond my imagination because the courses are purposely designed to challenge the property management entrepreneur to expand one’s scope of services, systems, skills, and sustainability to better help rental property owners and rental residents.”

-Carlos Perez

“If you don’t know where to go for accessible online training for your property management team, you can’t go past ireviloution’s online training. It really is the foundation you need for a high standard and consistency of practice by your team, leading to retention and satisfaction of clients, plus your team will feel valued and invested in! I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

-Paula Alsford

Without a doubt, property management training is at the heart of operating a highly successful property management business. Not only does training provide the team with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their role more efficiently and effectively, but it also has the added advantage that it can reduce or eliminate one of the known causes of stress for property managers. This significantly helps property managers to be a cut above the rest and be as efficient and effective in the property management industry.

So, take advantage of all the property management training at the ireviloution intelligence International Property Management Academy and reap the benefits for yourself, the team, and the company in the most convenient way possible.

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