Property Management Virtual Assistant Jobs

Property Management Virtual Assistant Jobs

Property managers outsource virtual assistants to increase their productivity to the roles that bring profitability. These encompass going out of the field, making leads, and providing a more extraordinary customer experience.

You may be wondering how you can add value to a business from across the world, so let’s dive into it. Everything now is virtual, and the word virtual assistant has been a fuzzword for years, especially in the Philippines through business process outsourcing industries as industries abroad globalize and extend their workforce across the globe.

Businesses consider this model for different reasons, and it really depends on their driving factors and what they want to achieve for their onshore team and overall business operations. Identifying what you want to achieve helps property managers and virtual staff set goals of what needs to be completed. 

What is the Role of a Property Manager?

What is the Role of a Property Manager

As an agency grows, the roles of onshore staff are also reimagined. What does this really mean? The role of a property manager is not to manage properties but to manage the relationship with customers and potential leads. This model allows growth and efficiency to the agency and would increase your bottom line profit and reduce your implementation cost.

The role of a property manager, as we know it, can be taxing both on professional and personal life. It is demanding and fast-paced. It starts from going out in the field making leads, building relationships with possible customers, marketing the property for lease, reviewing applications, arranging properties and tenants until they’re settled in, tons of follow-up, and these could go on and on. By the sound of it, you may think that the role is pretty hectic and crazy. 

This may sound overwhelming, but it can easily be pulled off via an offshore team. The key to it is to departmentalize jobs and tasks, set goals and intentions, identify daily checklists, and accountability and report. 

What are Property Management Virtual Assistant Jobs?

So what can a real estate virtual assistant do for a property manager? Simple, everything that doesn’t require face-to-face interaction.

Hiring an offshore team member helps your business to stay on top. Offshore team members or virtual assistants take away the stress from property managers so that they can do more for the agency’s overall profitability. 

The first and most crucial step a property manager should do is let go. You heard it right, let go. The only way for a property manager to step into more prominent roles is to let go and list down all the repetitive, administrative, and time-consuming tasks on all the facets of property management. With this list, it will be easier once a virtual assistant is trained and onboarded. 

The role of a property management virtual assistant could cover the overall property management process that could range from specific to general administrative work. 

As a virtual assistant, your primary role is to take care of and help the property manager in the best way you can, from organizing calendars, setting appointments, making reminders for deadlines, arranging files and assets, contacting suppliers, and being proactive and asking what help could you offer. Property management has never-ending demands, so you should be flexible enough to be on top of all the ongoing work. 

One critical responsibility of your job is working in the leasing administration role, which includes processing tenant applications, arranging arrears, preparing the lease, and managing the IRE. 

As the role goes more profound, you will be asked to perform tenancy care and administration duties. It comprises managing tenant inquiries, processing lease renewals, rent reviews, and routine inspections, attending to all tenants’ requests for repairs, and it could go on and on. 

If you are planning to build a career in real estate, you should consider the role of a property management virtual assistant. This will give you great exposure and experience about the real estate landscape by working with the most trusted agencies across the globe. And it will surely provide you with leverage for growth as an individual and as a professional. 

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Ensuring the Success of a Property Management Virtual Assistant

Ensuring the Success of a Property Management Virtual Assistant

Integrating a property management virtual assistant within a real estate agency is more than providing efficiency to onshore teams and lowering operational costs. This model also improves customer service and satisfaction by having someone designated to attend to clients’ needs. Aside from it, it will indeed reduce the friction in processes with the presence of extra capacity leading to the promotion of better work-life balance. 

The success of the role of a virtual assistant is a two-way street. The property manager and offshore team assistant’s goals must be aligned, and proper communication and training must be administered. Ensuring that onshore and offshore staff are on the same page can be guaranteed by having clear responsibilities and avoiding unrealistic expectations. 

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