Real Estate Careers Philippines

Real Estate Careers in the Philippines

The real estate business is one of the most resilient industries globally. It has been consistent despite the shifts and development in technology, and the only thing that has changed is how we do business. We have seen this as we withstood all the world’s crises over the years, and one of the most challenging and recent ones that we have is the COVID-19 pandemic.

Series of lockdowns, restrictions, and closing of borders have been implemented to control the spread of the virus, but agencies and agents have stood up in these demands of change. We have witnessed this through open houses, for example. Before the pandemic, we organize open houses, auctions, and private viewings by inviting potential buyers to come over to the property.

But now, with the help of digital media, CRMs, and exclusive virtual open houses, the industry remains business as usual. Indeed, it is unstoppable, and so is the need for staff to work on the front and backend of the end-to-end business operations of an agency.

Why a Career in Real Estate?

Why a career in Real Estate

Real estate jobs outsourcing has revolutionized the typical business operational process of a real estate agency. Agencies have been extending their workforce globally and aligning it to future technology.

This gives agents and property managers the extra capacity to work on the roles that generate more excellent value and revenue to the business, and that is by building relationships and providing top-notch client experience. This business model has excellent open opportunities for international real estate agencies and Filipinos.

Amidst the pandemic, the recruitment and open positions for outsourced real estate jobs have continually grown. If you’re looking for a long-term and stable career in real estate, it’s not yet too late to make that pivot.

At ShoreAgents, we make sure that our people are industry-trained before we onboard them with our clients. A promising career is waiting for you as we assign you to globally competitive real estate agencies mainly located in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

You can achieve anything you want as long as you’re willing to take the risk of knowing and understanding the ins and outs of the agency’s business operational processes. As a professional, this will give you leverage by the time you want to upskill and explore careers abroad that are real estate-related.

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What are the Real Estate Jobs Waiting For You?

What are the real estate jobs waiting for you

If you’re wondering about the different roles you can get in real estate, one thing is for sure; there’s a vast opportunity waiting for you. Come to think of it, the business process outsourcing and shared service have been one of the leading industries in the Philippines for a simple reason. All the jobs you can ever think of can now be outsourced, except for those requiring face-to-face client/customer-facing jobs.

With the use of technology and the cloud, almost every office task can be done and accomplished virtually. And the key to its success is aligned workflows, processes, & checklists, and communication and comprehension.

As an outsourced real estate personnel, you play a crucial role in reshaping office structures. Your part is to provide a leeway to the onshore team, so they can step on more significant roles that add greater revenue for their business. The functions you can have variations from the different facets of a real estate agency, including office administration, marketing, sales, finance, accounting, and property management.

One specific example is the role of a tenancy administrator. Tenancy administration is part of the role of a property manager. If you’re going to look at the bigger picture, this role is labour-intensive. It includes processing rent reviews, lease renewals, scheduling routine inspections, drafting residential tenancy agreements, sending notices to tenants, and a lot more.

These are low-income generating and repetitive tasks that keep property managers away from being out in the field and prospecting new clients. So with you, an outsourced team member on board, you’ll serve as a key in freeing up the time of the onshore team to make more money for the business.

In return, you’ll have fair compensation and a rich training ground to upskill and learn industry software like Trading Reference Australia, 1Form, Agent Plus, Real Pro, REST, Console, PropertyMe, PropertyTree, etc.

How to Land a Real Estate Career to Prominent Agencies?

How to land a real estate career to prominent agencies

As they say, no one starts as great already; you need to start to be great. With the right amount of motivation and focus, you can build the career you’ve been dreaming of. ShoreAgents aims to onboard not only astounding talents but also excellent real estate agencies to work with. As a business provider, we make sure that we custom-fit our talents to add the best value to our clients.

One of the questions that may be lingering in your mind would be, do I need to have a real estate background to land an outsourced real estate job? The answer is not necessarily. As we all know, the real estate industry is driven by high-value processes and is primarily administrative. Given the right amount of time and resources for training, you’ll be able to succeed.

One tip you should do if you’re planning to make that pivot is to check the real estate careers available for you and re-evaluate what you do know. Make a cross-reference of your skill and the qualifications of the jobs you’re eyeing.

Once you identify those skills, take the chance to apply and showcase how valuable your skills are for the role. It’s all about understanding what you do and how what you do adds value. Because, in reality, no two jobs are the same ever the same.

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