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With the world being more digital than ever, Real Estate Content will be the way forward to growing your business. The reason is, whilst people tend to be staying home more often, they are searching like crazy for what they want on the internet. Search volumes will be 10x this year, and I really cannot see them going backwards. The big questions are: do you want to be on the shopping list? And what type of content do you need to create?

Here are some Real Estate Content ideas to put you on the map

We will start with the most important, as you do not want to be spending big bucks on paid content ads. It is kind of like that saying, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” Well, something like that, anyways. Organic traffic must be at the primary focus of your content plan. Ads to a cold reach annoy people, and you will waste megabucks drilling down to find your exact audience. A better way is to simply be found for what your audience is searching for.

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If you own a property management business, you need to be writing content related to property management. This is pretty obvious; however, I am unsure why people are not doing it. There are two types of articles you must write for: short-tail and long-tail keywords.

A short-tail is a more general phrase that someone may search, like this article is titled, “Real Estate Content”, and is a short tail article. For Property Management, a short-tail phrase would be, “Property Management Company.” This is the first article you can put on the list. A long-tail article might be, “How much does a property manager charge?” or “Why do I need a property manager?”

This article is more about content and what content you should produce. If you need to know how to move these articles forward, check out Real Estate SEO.

What content do I target back at my website visitors?

Assuming you have nailed step one, I would like to show you now how to turn these visitors into conversions. Visitors are visiting your site because they are searching related terms to what you do. This means you should start to generate more leads. However, one thing you must know is that not all visitors convert on day one. They may be at the early stages of researching for what they want. This is where you must spend a little bit of cash to stay top of mind until they eventually take your bait.

Video Content Marketing for Real Estate

For this article’s sake, I will keep the same example of Property Management to keep things simple. Now that there is traffic visiting the site, what do we want these visitors to see after this? They must see you as an expert, that is the answer, and this is best achieved by videos. Let’s walk in the shoes of a landlord who is looking for a property manager, and they initially found you when they searched. They are looking for an investment but have not secured the right property yet, but they will.

This person is active online, and like most, trawls Facebook and Instagram for a few hours a day. We now want your video ad to capture their attention. Here are what I would suggest positioning you as an expert. Do not try to sell yourself or anything at this point, as they are not at the point of being ready. You just need to ensure that they know you when they are ready.

Real Estate Content Horizontal Banner

Here are some titles you can consider. Put two and two together to get them produced.

  • Tips and secrets to attract an A-Grade tenant
  • How to keep a tenant long-term and to keep charging more
  • How to handle a tenant who slips into arrears
  • Welcome to lease renewal day!
  • How to prevent wear and tear
  • Reasons why you should run a pet-friendly operation
  • 5 simple ways to increase ROI
  • How to buy your second investment by borrowing against the first

I think, by now, you can get the point. All of this type of content is aimed directly at making you an authority. Nothing more. Make sure you have a simple intro, always stating who you are and your company so that they will just familiarise themselves with the brand and your name.

For the next round of content, you must target only the people that have watched at least 75% of any of the videos you made. This is actually very simple to do on Facebook. Create a custom video audience, and select the conditions for anyone who watched 75%. This is super powerful, and I can tell you money is very well spent.

What type of videos do we want to put in front of these people? Well, it is like what one of my first mentors explained to me at an early age. If you want to cook a frog, you cannot just throw it into a pot of boiling water, as it will feel the heat and jump straight out before it is cooked. It is better to throw it in some warm water, slowly applying heat, until it slowly gets cooked. It is exactly the same with marketing. At this point, we need to apply some extra heat, as we have your next customer bathing, ready to be cooked.

Here is some content that will turn up the heat. You need to demonstrate that what you do works and have this said by others.

  • Testimonials
  • Success Stories from you
  • Leased videos

This is basically it at this point. No matter where people go, you would want to put videos of someone saying you rock or you demonstrating you rock in front of them.

Convert your audience into leads

The last piece of the puzzle is geared at actually getting this person to make contact with you. The goal here is to strike up a conversation, as a potential landlord will not close it himself. How do you do this? Good news! It is easy with a Facebook Messenger Ads strategy to Real Estate Chatbot.

Here are the final steps:

  1. Create an appealing Graphic that says, “We rock at managing investment properties!” with the call to action now.
  2. Create a series in a chatbot to strike up a meaningful conversation that takes them into a path that gets their details for a call-back, or you can just pick up the convo straight out of Messenger.
  3. Create a Facebook Ad with the banner, and the destination is Messenger.
  4. Connect the chatbot to your ad.
  5. Go live and watch the conversations roll in.

From here, it is really up to you to do the work. If you follow this, it will be well worth your efforts. In summary, here is what you need to do in short.

Get organic victors by writing articles and SEO.
Retarget videos to these people who will show you as the authority.
Retarget videos to those people, showing that it is true.
Run a banner ad to Messenger with a chatbot attached, starting a convo with someone who actually wants what you are offering. It is that simple!

In this article, we have used Property Management as an example. I can assure you, no matter what space you are in, it works. As a matter of fact, it works for all businesses in general. If you have enjoyed this article, and it has given you some inspiration, please pay the favour back by sharing across social media, and leave a comment. Thanks for your time, have a great decade.

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