Real Estate Greatness

Real Estate Greatness

To achieve real estate greatness, firstly, you need to have the desire to be great! Having the desire is only step one. There is a lot more that needs to be done to be great, whether in Real Estate or even becoming an athlete. When you start to take the path and follow the desire, you will work out that desire. On its own, it is simply not enough to get you there

Before we even get into what you need to do to be great at what you do and turn that into a financial reward, you also must look beyond the surface and deep inside at what underpins this desire. If you take a deep look and there is no real reason with any substance, I must say, you will not get there. I know that is blunt, but it is really the truth, in my opinion, anyway. I know this; as I have said, I want to be great and want X amount of dollars, but I did not really have any reason or plan attached to it. Therefore, it did not come to fruition on many occasions.

Only as you get more mature in life will you find real reasons to go beyond the initial desire and really have the dedication to take action, to turn this desire into an outcome. Let us take money, for example, when you achieve the sum that you desire, what would you do with it? A number does not create the motivation you need. The outcome attached to it does.

Do you want to achieve greatness and financial freedom to get more time to spend with the family? To give your children what you may not have had? Or is it for self-fulfillment? These are all wonderful things that will get you to take the steps you need to achieve beyond your wildest dreams. There is no career better to do so than Real Estate.

What we have revealed is that after a desire, you need to have a firm plan that has an emotional goal attached to it. Every time I am ripping in and getting what needs to be done, I know for myself that it is attached to sitting on a boat about to go scuba diving. I care much more now about what money does than money itself.

The game of Real Estate Sales or running a Real Estate Business does need a calculated approach to get it working for you. When I started, I must say, I was about as calculated as a cucumber, but thank God, it is a skill that can be learned. When you get stuck, you will find yourself obsessed with answering questions you are constantly asking yourself!

How can I get more listing appointments?

How can I handle more listings?

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How can I have more time to even get to what needs to be done to make questions 1 and 2 happen?

Well, here are the three ways you can achieve greatness today in Real Estate:

  1. Get a coach who has already done what you want and learn everything you can.
  2. Turn your technical brain into an operational brain, and get super systemised, so the business takes care of itself
  3. Get more staff to support you, so you can be only doing what you do best, and that is listing and selling property.

Is it all making sense? Well, I really hope so. If it is not, read it again until it does.

Right now, it is easier to access all these things that you need to get to “greatness” than you think!

How do you look for a Real Estate Coach? This part can be a little tricky because the ones who are doing sales, can not teach. Find someone who is relevant and still has the time to coach because it is their passion that is still selling megabucks in Real Estate. This will show you two things. They must have great systems if they can list and sell plus run a training business. Also, they can do themselves what they teach.

How do you turn your technical brain into an operational brain? Well, this part is easy. There is only one thing you need to do. That is to read “E-Myth: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It.” Once you do this, you will have an idea of what I am talking about. It really did slap me in the face when I read it, and I read it once a year to keep in the zone! Once you get in the zone, get ClickUp and turn it into reality.

ClickUp and turn it into reality

How can you get more staff to support you? Everything is almost online. That means you can get the benefit of highly-skilled staff who work in places with lower living expenses. They will be more affordable, and the talent you can find is amazing. Running a business right now is the most exciting challenge and fun on the planet!

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