Real Estate Guest Post

Real Estate Guest Post

Interestingly I am writing this article as this is our website and I want to encourage you to guest post right here. A Real Estate Guest post has huge benefits of which I had no idea about 2-3 years ago. However, by working on an SEO strategy for my Real Estate Virtual Assistant business I found guest posting was a big part of it.

The problem most businesses have is that they are always scratching around for leads which was not something I wanted to entertain. In the beginning YES you cannot avoid having to do the hard slog but eventually I wanted to have more than we need, put a sales team in play to close them and let the team take care of operations. We are not all the way there yet, but we are pretty darn close.

I understood in the beginning that SEO had a lot to do with content and I was fully aware of what people search for to find my business. The three winning keywords are…

  • Real Estate Virtual Assistant
  • Real Estate Outsourcing
  • Property Management Virtual Assistant

This has worked so well that it kinda broke the operational system and we found out that what people wanted was not available, so we have had to add additional training and system packages in place to support their needs. Once we get these right and then digitise the platform for delivery, we can add massive scale.

The first thing I did to get ranking for these words was write 1800 words on each which is no easy task. So, I got someone else to do it. The next part is to have a page designed that is attractive, well layed out design and some carefully placed actions to convert traffic into leads. Once all said and done it got passed to our web team to be coded and then optimised by my SEO man. This is where I thought I was done!

Not at all this is where all the hard work starts. My SEO guy told me that I now must go get backlinks by submitting guest posts and using the correct anchor text to link back to the page that I build. This was my discovery of guest posting websites.

But which guest post websites do we write for was my question and my see guy replied well that’s simply the ones with the highest “DA” domain authority? He gave me an easy tool the MOZ Da checker. See below how it looks.


We set out to find some websites and start submitting the content. The first website I wrote for that accepted our guest post was TweakYourBiz and you can see the article I wrote about “Real Estate Outsourcing”.

Inside of that article what you must do is link the anchor text which basically means your keyword that you mention in the article to the destination page you built for that keyword. SEO people make it sound tricky however in simple terms hyperlink the keyword to the right page on your website. Pretty dam simple right?

Real Estate Guest Post TweakYourBiz

TweakYourBiz has a “DA” of 57 so that will tell google that our content is quality as the source link came from this high “DA” website. This all sounds easy enough however one link will not do the job. It was not until we got 6 of these high-quality real estate guest posts approved that we started to move forward in the rankings.

Real Estate Guest Post Ranking

You will see here that we are number one when you search for the term real estate outsourcing.

This has been so beneficial to our business and allowed me to have daily FREE traffic that I want to share with you the story above and tell you that you can do it to. Therefore, I have created this Real Estate Guest Posting website where you can supply valuable content to us, and we will link it back to you which will help you get better rankings for your real estate websites you will more than likely get leads straight to you also.

For Real Estate Businesses, Agents, Realtors and Property Management companies here is what I would suggest. I used to own a Real Estate Businesses and I had no idea about the power of guest posting however did know what keywords we needed to rank for. Please read my first article on this platform “Welcome to” to get an idea of what keywords you would like to rank for.

become a contributor horizontal banner

This is how we suggest you use this platform. Let’s say you own a Real Estate Business in Brisbane and want to get some points or DA back to your website so you can rank the page you built called Real Estate Brisbane. You would simply write an article about Real Estate in Brisbane. You would need to write between 1200 and 1800 words on the topic that is interesting and importantly unique. By unique it means it is not plagiarised or on any other website across the web as one we will not put it up and two google would penalise you.

What we would do once your article is approved is to publish the article with all things optimised so that it will rank on our site and point back to your site. Make sense?

If it does great however we suggest you do more than that. Brisbane is the city which receives 27,000 searches for the keyword Real Estate Brisbane, however what about the suburbs. There are many suburbs that may have less search volume however will have better conversion as they are more specific. What about Toowong?

Real Estate Guest Post Keyword

That to me looks like more traffic if I am correct? So, what you can do is if you really want to dominate is to then drill down to all the suburbs that you would like to rank for. It is not easy however if you have read this far, I think you can see from my passion how lucrative it must be?

This plan above is perfect for Real Estate Business, agents and realtors however what if you are an investment company, property marketing, AI or even software?

You can take the same approach as we did as we are a staffing provider to the real estate industry. If you are a Real Estate Software company than would it not be great to rank for Real Estate Software? The answer to that is of course “YES” as there are thousands of people looking for software monthly.

This is a big part of a business forgets. They get all caught up in Facebook paid ads or even google ads. These things work but does that word paid turn you off? If it does not now it will after you have spent a $100K +++.

Organic traffic means FREE and if it is FREE it’s for me.

So, if you would like to write for us here are all the benefits and what we expect.


Our website has a “DA” of 50+
We will provide the right anchor text and backlink to help you
We will optimise your article to rank
We will design a suitable header image
You will get leads and traffic

What you need to do

Sign Up for FREE
Write your unique article
Provide your target keyword
Provide the destination for us to point to
We will review your article and if it meets our standards it will be published.

What happens if it is not approved?

Well writing is not for everyone; however, we can provide you with a writer who can interview you on your topic and then write an article that we will approve. If you want to go down this path it will not be free but will be more affordable than you think for a high-quality article.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

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