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When I took my first Real Estate Job I was just 18 and that was essentially that is all it was to me back then, a job. Little then did I know, 14 years later that I would still be in the industry and have turned that first job into a 7 figure business multiple times with a few fails along the way of course. I must say now that I feel so lucky to have luckily landed that first job in Real Estate and taken the knowledge to apply it into my future.

The job in Real Estate I took came to me through my current position at the time which was a personal trainer. The owner of a Real Estate Company was one of my clients and he had noticed that I was really good at prospecting for new clients however not so interested in the actual gym side of it. After a few months of training with me, he asked me if I was interested in making some real money, so I said sure what are you thinking?

He replied, how about a job in my company as a Real Estate Salesperson?

I answered yes and the rest is history it evolved from there.

The point of this article however is not my history it is more about all the possible job opportunities there are in Real Estate for absolutely anyone and what causes the roles to exist in the first place.

Here is how it all works and how each job is created based on my experience and what I have seen in my career stemming from the jobs I have done and created along the way.

Alright, I got a job as a Real Estate Sales Person and I needed to find homes to sell so I could sell them. I got good at that and started selling lots and needed support.

Introducing a Real Estate Personal Assistant

What does a Job as a Real Estate Personal Assistant entail?

What does a Job as a Real Estate Personal Assistant entail

Well at this level the answer is simple. You do everything that the top salesperson does not do like support them with listing agreements, putting properties online, taking enquiry, showing buyers homes, creating contracts, and basically anything you are told to do. That’s what PA means, personal assistant so that’s exactly what you will do.

This worked really well and then your personal assistant gets so busy doing admin but they are better at showing buyers homes so I needed to split the role so the personal assistant could become more of a buyers agent type team member.

Introducing a Real Estate Administrative Assistant

What does a Job as a Real Estate Administrative Assistant entail?

What does a Job as a Real Estate Administrative Assistant entail

This was quite an easy job description to work out to explain to this new staff member as we marked all admin functions in red, meaning admin. The admin assistant was responsible for all of those tasks like the paperwork stuff.

Introducing a Real Estate Buyers Agent

What is the role of a Buyers Agent?

What is the role of a Buyers Agent

Now that all the tasks were taken off the plate of the PA that was non-dollar productive they now had time to focus on buyers. Buyers made us money when properties are sold so all activities related to the buyer are the role of the buyer’s agent. I promoted myself to the customer-facing listing agent.

This model actually worked extremely well for quite a while leaving me to prospect and list, the buyer’s agent to show and sell, and the admin to make sure all the paperwork is done. Looking back I should have stayed on this model a while longer as we were printing money without a lot of hassles. However, I had the urge to run my own show so that is what I did and created many more Real Estate Jobs!

Starting a Real Estate Business

Starting a Real Estate Business

Now that I had started my own real estate business I needed more staff in all of these areas that were taken care of for me before!

Introducing the ..

I now understand why the government wants to promote people to get into small, medium, and eventually, big business as you will create so many jobs to support the economy however at a certain point that’s all you feel like you are doing and you look at the bottom line and you are the only one not contributing as you have some many staff that you are not making any money anymore!

How do you reduce your wage bill in Real Estate?

As a business owner, you have to look at ways to produce more so you can hire more people locally however you must have the margins to be able to do both. hiring all locally is not the answer. At this point, I thought there has to be a better way as all of the admin stuff in the business was essentially performed online and this leads me to the thought can I get it done elsewhere for less?

Introducing Real Estate Virtual Assistant Jobs in the Philippines

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At this point in my business, I had lots of people working for me, high turnover but an average ROI of 17%. I could have made more money going back to my model in my early 20’s with my power team of 3 with one replaced by a VA in the admin space and been super profitable however I was committed to making it work. This caused me to hire Real Estate Virtual Assistants in the Phillippines to take care of these back-office functions at 1/4the of the cost. This allowed us to get our profit margin just over the 30% and gave us the ability to continue our growth faze.

In this article, I cover off many things and many areas however the point is that a job in Real Estate can serve you in the future to take it to wherever you need to be or want to be. I now live in the Philippines and have created 100’s or even close to 1000’s jobs through my existing business that may never have existed. Real estate ultimately is not a job it is a career but it will all depend on you as to how far you take it!

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