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There are many different real estate marketing strategies and ways that you can market. In real estate, not only do you have to market yourself so you get more business, but you also have to market the property once you get the business to ensure you get the result on behalf of your client. In this article, we will look at them separately and tie them together also.

How to market a property in real estate?

Once you win the business, an owner of a property is going to place the responsibility to market their number one asset in your hands to get them the best possible price. So how do you do this? It is funny that Real Estate Agents have this as one of their jobs when the reality is that they are not really marketers at all. If this is you, and you want to get better at it, here is a simple strategy to follow.

The way you need to break it down is…

The marketing component is the message you want to get out in the marketplace.

Advertising is the vessel you choose to get that message out to the entire marketplace

Marketing property is quite simple in the digital age, and having awesome marketing does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. We now have access to what we need for a very low price, so do not skimp. The most important thing will always be the photos. Photos catch the first bit of attention, as they will be the part of your marketing that makes someone decide whether they watch the video or read the text.

Perception is reality, and by this, I mean a buyer will pay more if they believe the property is worth more.

The best reality bender when it comes to marketing a property is dusk photography or night photos. Everything looks better this way, so if a buyer sees a property in this light, they have the highest opinion of the property’s value before they take a look at it.

Another method that is a must in these days and age is a property video. An audience of today is engaged with video all over the web, so you must play this card as well. When it comes to using video, you must keep in mind that the video is about the property, not you. You can do a quick intro for a personal touch, but I can assure you, a buyer does not want to see you walking around the property.

Your property marketing will blend with your overall marketing strategy, as your marketing is a direct reflection of you. If people like the way you market properties when they go to sell a property, they will think back to the way you marketed properties when they are buying. Guess what? This is good for you, so keep it consistent when you market your properties for sale and do not take on a vendor who wants to skimp.

Real Estate Marketing Horizontal Banner

Alright, so we have strategy one, and that is, everyone is watching everything the way you do marketing as a real estate agent.

I am going to start with the best way to attract new sellers to you in a modern way that you may not have thought about or tried. Sales enquiry is king, so let’s talk about that. When someone enquires about a property to buy at a certain price range, logic must tell you that this person is not homeless, thus they must own a home. Conversation with as many of these people is the key to growing your listings and business.

Ramp up your sales enquiries in an automated fashion

What you need to do is run real estate Facebook ads for all of your listings, whether you get a VA or not. This is the feeding funnel of their property. The destination of this ad is the key to its power. So, what you are not going to do is run the ad to your real estate website, as the person will more likely bounce, only allowing you to retarget them later.

Introducing Messenger ads for Real Estate and building your messenger list of more sellers than you need.

With Facebook ads, there are two ad types where instead of running the ad to a landing page, you can run it into messenger—Traffic ad and select Messenger as the destination or Messenger ads itself. Both basically have the same effect.

This will mean that when someone clicks on your ad, they will get a response from Messenger. This itself is not enough.

Real Estate Marketing Chatbot

Build a Real Estate Chatbot to connect to your ad where it will do the talking for you.

Inside the messenger ad, there is a spot where you can insert a payload that will trigger your chatbot to kick off. The chatbot should be built in a conversational way about the property. For example, first question or sequence: “Would you like to see your new home at 123 smith St?” If they hit YES, then boom! You have them in your Messenger list forever. Build the chatbot in a way that allows them to see the property and book in for an inspection. That is all the detail I will go into, as you will find in later articles, the full chatbot strategy.

When I mentioned they are now in the Messenger list, this means they have messaged your page, and you can now message them back. So here is a simple way of how it works. After one week of their enquiry, you can reach out and ask where they want to move to and what type of property, so you can alert them in the future of these properties before they go live. They will love this extra service. The other easy thing to do is to update them when the property sells with what it sold for and followed up by the happy testimonial from the owner.

Think about it, surely that has got to get you on their radar if they were considering to sell. This is one paid strategy that will get you cranking and fast if done correctly. You must not ever rely on one source and especially not a paid one. The next most important part of your real estate marketing strategy should be an organic one, and that means FREE. This will take time. So, when is the best time to start? The answer is right now! So, here is how you get it off the ground.

Real Estate SEO for free leads and forever

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, as you probably already know. This is what people type in Google and what comes up. Think logically about this, what do you think people type into Google if they are looking for a Real Estate Agent? Hmm… not a hard one. “Real Estate Agent near me” or “Real Estate Agent and the suburb.”

How do you make sure you are found for these terms? Well, it is easy, so follow these steps:

  1. Write 1200 to 1800 words of unique content about the keyword
  2. Create a well-designed page that will sit on your website.
  3. Optimise the metadata and the page to be focused on that keyword
  4. Get the page added to your website and indexed in Google.
  5. Reach out to websites with HIGH DA and get 10+ backlinks to your page with the anchor text of your keyword.

This may not be enough for you to get the hang of it, so read our complete Real Estate SEO strategy, which will go into more detail.

These two strategies are the core strategies I would use today if I was starting a real estate business or considering becoming an agent again.

Before I go, though, we must touch on what I brought up earlier, and that was about the message you want to weave into the market. Not all business is good business, so you must make sure you go to the market with your message correct. Your message is your brand identity. Think to yourself, what do you want your brand to say about you? Are you premium, or are you selling the low end of the market?

Everything you do must be in line with this, so I suggest creating yourself a Real Estate Brand Style Guide. This will help you go the market in a consistent fashion helping you attract the right customers, not all customers.

Real Estate Marketing Brand Style Guide

What should go in your Real Estate Brand Style Guide

  • Your logo and the way it can be displayed
  • Your set colour palette
  • What typography is to be used
  • Type of imagery to be used in marketing collateral
  • Your normal business assets like business cards, letterhead, and that stuff

There is a lot to get through in this article and to get your head around. I love writing about this stuff because I love it myself and helping other businesses get this right. If you enjoyed this article and got some food for thought, the best way you can show some appreciation is to leave a comment and share this article across your social media.

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