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During all of these lockdowns over the past few years, people have been consuming hundreds of hours of Real Estate Shows online, on TV and on Netflix. They have really been absorbing whatever they can get their hands on, or their eyeballs, on due to sheer boredom. I am exactly the same, I have watched everything across many platforms to either learn or just keep myself entertained.

Watch the ultimate Real Estate Show for business owners

Why is there a lack of Real Estate Shows across the web?

Whilst searching online though, I did notice there is a lack of material out there specifically for the Real Estate Industry that is not muddled up with other industries or smashed with ads. There is nothing more annoying than getting 5 minutes through something you are stopped by some annoying ad about something that some company has violated your privacy rights to even show you in the first place. Very annoying!

I have always wanted to make a show about what I have learnt within the 15 years I have been in Real Estate from, agent, property manager, business owner and now a service provider. I thought no better time to get started than now so that is what I set off to do.

How do you start your own Real Estate Show and Video Platform?

A few things though ran through my head besides the obvious which was what will I call the Real Estate Show, what content should go in it and how the hell will I produce it? The biggest point is where can I put it where people will watch it, I figured NetFlix was out haha. And I am not a big enough start to get on TV so I decided to just make my own platform. Surprisingly this was actually not as hard as I thought and it works really well, just needs loads more people with something to say that people want to hear.

What will you learn in my Real Estate Show?

Real Estate Show
Check out my Real Estate Show “Think Plan Implement”

Anyways moving on to the Real Estate Show I have created and am continuing to build out. I have decided to call the show “Think, Plan, Implement” as that is exactly what you need to do to run a successful business and when I got started I did not have all of those skills. The things I will cover off on is all the things you do not get taught by real estate trainers or coaches. From these guys, you get a lot of info about how to sell a property, how to get more listings and how to grow a rent roll but not how to set up your business and make it profitable!

Learn about online marketing for Real Estate Business

Real Estate Business Marketing
Learn all the latest about marketing your Real Estate Business

The things I want to focus on are started from the most important in order of my opinion only. The first part of the course is about online lead generation, marketing and important branding. Why? Because if you do not have any leads you have no business and the old school way of prospecting does not work. My favourite part of this is talking about SEO and the importance of your real estate website as you will see in the video below.

Learn how to streamline your systems with automation and online tools

Systems and Automation
It is all about streamlining systems and automation these days

After that, I truly believe that the most important part of any business is operations and streamline systems with as much automation as possible. Why this next? Well as most Real Estate Business owners the reason we got into it was probably that we worked for someone else in the field first and we already know what we are doing when it comes to the work. What we do not know is how to get the lead, to appointment to listing to sale to money in the bank in a streamlined way. This is a skill that I did not have until I read the book called E-myth why a small business fails.

In my real estate show, I will be discussing how you can use non-real estate productivity tools like ClickUp and automation tools to streamline the whole business from end to end. The other aspect you need though to have streamlined systems is people. From the time I was in Real Estate I see that most things were conducted online so I went about scaling the business using Real Estate Virtual Assistants rather than the office-based staff which is a hot topic right now due to what impact of Covid-19 has had on business.

Learn how to manage a team of Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Managing an outsourced team is no easy feat and in my show, I cover off all the challenges that I had with it and which there was an Outsourcing School for Real Estate back when I started like there is today however there was not so I encounter many challenges and you will learn here in the “Offshore Tipping Point” an Ebook I wrote about my journey. Once you have all the people you need and the systems you need you are ready to tackle the most important side to getting paid. The Real Estate Accounting, yey fun.

What are the best accounting practices for a Real Estate Business?

Setting up your accounting systems is crucial and none more than ever than picking the right accounting software for your real estate business. If you do not have streamlined accounting software this will make life very difficult. One of the aspects I did not think about at the beginning was set up my chart of accounts correctly. There is a default setting in most programs but that did not work for me. I had my own way of distinguishing things and in more show, I will share this secret formula to turn your marketing into its own separate company that fuels the growth of the business.

Would you like to start your own Real Estate Show?

your own real estate show
Start your very own Real Estate Show!

There is way too much to cover off on in one article about my Real Estate Show so you will have to head over to it to watch the first parts and wait for the rest as it’s produced. You yourself may have a show idea you would like to produce and I can surely say I would welcome you to contact us and let us know. We will be looking for more content that we will offer for free at the beginning and then having a paid subscription content for premium shows like the one I am producing, however, for now, it’s FREE cause we need to grow the audience. Keep an eye on this space and I will update this article as the content is produced. Please leave a comment if you would like me to hurry up and produce more episodes. 

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