Real Estate Virtual Assistant Jobs

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Jobs in the Philippines

Business process outsourcing has genuinely reshaped the office structures of different industries globally. This industry has grown steadily for years, evolving from voice support or customer service jobs to technical, more focused, and specialized assignments. 

The stability and vigorous growth of the real estate landscape have directly impacted the need for staff members. This comes with the acknowledgment of how the business process outsourcing is vital not only to reduce the operational cost of the onshore team but also to add value and increase efficiency on the overall operations. The nature of the process-driven real estate industry and paper trails opens opportunities for the global workforce.

Let’s look through the main facets of a real estate agency that include the agents, property managers, sales, marketing, and finance and accounting team. The global through a virtual assistant can be integrated into each of these departments. 

List of Real Estate Virtual Assistant Jobs

List of Real Estate Virtual Assistant Jobs

1. Real Estate Agents Virtual Assistant Jobs

The role of a real estate agent, as we all know, is demanding and requires a high level of professionalism. And as an agent, you don’t want to see yourself buried in paperwork at the office and juggling with never-ending and repetitive administrative tasks. You want to see yourself in the field doing actual business, building relationships with clients, listing properties, conducting market analysis, managing auctions, and works that bring substantial revenue for the whole industry. A real estate agent won’t be able to accomplish and step into these prominent roles if most of their time is being spent in the office in front of the computer instead of dealing with actual people. 

The ideal role of a real estate agent can be made possible with an industry-trained virtual assistant. An outsourced assistant can do profound tasks for an agent ranging from appraisals management, preparing sales contracts, organizing marketing materials and designing, updating listings to different listing platforms, and administrative tasks like email campaigns, organizing auction calendars and booking OFIs. A Real Estate Virtual Assistant can also ad hoc on roles in communicating with solicitor settlements and overseeing sales trusts. 

2. Real Estate Property Management Virtual Assistant Jobs

Have you ever imagined how much of your time is spent in the back and forth communication between tenants and landlords? Enquiries, requests and a massive amount of administrative work can never be out of the equation for a property manager. These tasks may be repetitive or add no value to the role, but they are actually essential. The downside is if you’re not smart about how to get them done. 

Many property managers miss out on acting on more significant roles because they are not aware or probably not have considered hiring a virtual assistant for them to support. To fully maximize a property manager’s position, they must be level up from being engrossed in paperwork to being relationship managers, which bring more considerable potential revenue for the office.

By integrating a virtual assistant within the team, property managers can be more productive and efficient in providing more remarkable customer experience and relationship building. 

3. Real Estate Sales and Marketing Virtual Assistant Jobs

Working in a real estate agency is multi-faceted. Sometimes, you see yourself doing all the things on your own, and leave you no time to work on the roles that genuinely matter. Real Estate Virtual Assistants have revolutionized office structures for the great value they add. And this value is excess capacity and time for the onshore team to reimagine their roles. With the flexibility of virtual assistants, they can customise themselves to sales and marketing support roles. 

The tasks a specialised sales support virtual assistant can do for an agency ranges from organising databases and reporting and compliance, listing presentations, and preparing contracts. On the marketing side, opportunities are also limitless, including social media officers, graphic designers, and campaign administrators. 

4. Real Estate Accounting Virtual Assistant Jobs

You may be surprised, but this is to confirm that there are many opportunities for accountants to land a job in a real estate agency worldwide. Accounting support has been a big help to real estate agencies when they see themselves confounded by tons of bookkeeping tasks, including a large number of invoices, receipts, payroll, cash flow, auction and booking reports, and reconciliations. 

A Real Estate Accounting Virtual Assistant support adds value to real estate agencies by helping them be on top of their books and ensuring the balance between their assets, liabilities, and equity.

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Are Real Estate Virtual Assistants in Demand?

Are Real Estate Virtual Assistants in Demand

Totally! Real estate virtual assistant jobs in the Philippines continue to grow. This has been proven through the continued demand of talents from our new and current clients even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you’re looking to kick start your career or planning to make a pivot, the real estate industry might be the perfect fit for you. This will give you great exposure to work with renowned agencies globally, and a fantastic career progression awaits you.   

Real estate virtual assistants are like the jewel of real estate agencies for the value they add and the friction they reduce to the overall business operations.

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