Real Estate Virtual Tours

Real Estate Virtual Tours

Why Your Agency Needs Real Estate Virtual Tours

Real Estate Virtual Tours have become a non-negotiable marketing activity for the top 5% of agents in Australia. Little Hinges, Real Estate Virtual Tour specialists and the largest virtual tours provider in Australia, have put together the ultimate guide to getting the most out of your real estate virtual tours. 

What is a Real Estate Virtual Tour?

At Little Hinges, our tours are created using UV and LIDAR lasers to generate a three-dimensional ‘mesh’ of the physical space. Artificial intelligence is then used to overlay 4K ultra high definition images to create the most realistic virtual tours on the market. Little Hinges virtual tours feature a dollhouse view (a top-down, to-scale view of the entire property), detailed scans of every room, and data points highlighting key areas of interest for viewers. Potential buyers or renters can move through properties in their own time and can even measure spaces down to the millimetre for fit-outs and furniture.  

Real Estate Virtual Tour
This is what a Real Estate Virtual Tour looks like

Why Virtual Tours Are a Must for Top Real Estate Agents?

Real Estate virtual tours are a must-have for sales agents and property managers alike, because:

  • 95% of people are more likely to call about properties with virtual tours.
  • Property listings that have a virtual tour are consistently outperforming property listings that only include photos in both time and interest by 87%.
  • Real estate listings with more visual content (like video) receive 403% more inquiries compared to those without video

The best sales agents are embracing virtual tours because:

  • They can offer inspections at any time of the day or night, generating 5x the interested buyers and significantly increasing competition*.
  • They can capitalise on the significant increase in the number of interstate, international and site unseen buyers offering top dollar.
  • They are able to highlight key selling points to those taking a virtual walkthrough, ensuring the best parts of the property get the air-time they deserve. 
  • They allow buyers to determine if the property is right for them, meaning agents are spending time with serious buyers.

Property Managers are also utilising real estate virtual tours because:

  • They can cut vacancy rates significantly, getting 5x* the interested tenants through the property before the first inspection.
  • They can generate accurate entry and exit reports with 4K quality 3D scans, minimising disagreements regarding a property’s status.
  • Property owners have more visibility on the condition of their property, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

How the Global Pandemic Changed the Way Vendors Buy Property

With much of Australia currently in lockdown, Little Hinges believe real estate virtual tours are changing the way people are buying, selling, and renting property.

buy and rent properties with virtual tours
More people buy and rent properties that have a virtual tour, it’s a fact!

An example of this change in purchase behavior comes from the retirement living space. Little Hinges worked with Stockland Retirement Living to bring their entire purchase journey online, allowing retirees to conduct inspections from the comfort of their own homes. During a time when older retirees were anxious to be out in the community, Stockland Retirement Living saw an increase in leads as a result of their real estate virtual tours strategy.

Buyers have now come to expect virtual tours as a minimum requirement when searching for a property. Research has shown that 95% of people are more likely to call about properties with virtual tours, which allow them to inspect properties on their own time from the safety of their own homes. Even for those not in lockdown, real estate virtual tours will only enhance opportunities for those progressive and forward-thinking enough to accommodate and implement them. With 5x the potential audience, virtual tours earn real estate listings more exposure, get properties sold faster, and for a higher price – which means more listings, higher commissions and more satisfied vendors.

The Future of Real Estate Virtual Tours

Our goal at Little Hinges is to change the way the world accesses property, and in the real estate space, we believe that virtual tours will become a non-negotiable for the best agents. Vendors will increasingly only choose to work with agents who offer them as part of their marketing suite.  

As real estate virtual tours evolve, agents will get insight into their clients like never before and will be able to leverage the considerable data and insights available to them. Agents can currently track engagement, location, traffic source, in-property heatmaps and more for every potential client through the property, and soon will be able to capture client details and track which potential buyers have a greater propensity to action, all within the tour. 

From a property management perspective, entry and exit report disputes will be a thing of the past, with highly accurate, 360-degree imagery showcasing discrepancies to the millimetre, meaning more visibility for owners and considerable time savings for property managers. 

Virtual tour technology is constantly evolving, and Little Hinges continues to be at the forefront, providing the newest and best tools for our real estate customers.

Little Hinges Australia
Little Hinges are the most innovative Real Estate Virtual Tour company at the forefront of technology!

Little Hinges Review

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Australia’s #1 Real Estate Virtual Tours Provider

Little Hinges is Australia’s largest and best real estate virtual tour provider
  • Our tours are the most detailed on the market – potential buyers can measure the couch space to the millimetre, helping them to visualise living in a space before they’ve even walked through the door.
  • Our 24 hour turnaround means you can accelerate the whole property process, getting from ‘online’ to ‘outcome’ like never before.  
  • Our easy-to-read dashboard gives you real-time access to how your property is performing, including popularity, engagement, repeat visitors – and you can share insights directly with your vendor. Hello 5 stars on Rate My Agent.
  • As your virtual tour specialist, we know the angles that position a property’s features perfectly. The production tricks for superior finishes. And how to bring a property’s value to life. We’re no (inferior) jack of all trades. We’re a master at one. 

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