7 Ways to Add Value to Your Home Office

7 Ways to Add Value to Your Home Office

The home office has recently been one of the most desirable home features in the real estate world. Due to the global pandemic, more people worked from home, and many have made their homes permanent offices. There are several reasons for it. Home office saves you a lot of time you usually spend commuting. It also saves you the money you spend on gas, takeout food and drinks, parking passes, and much more.

Finally, staying at home makes you more available to your family and helps you be more comfortable during working hours. Setting up your home office is less limited now that you’re not at a shared office, which gives a lot of opportunities for improvement. Also, you can do things to add value to your home office, which can be pretty helpful if you decide to sell the property and relocate. Here are some easy ways to improve your working space at home and make it as attractive as possible.

1. Separate it from the rest of the house

Home offices were not that common in family homes until the pandemic hit two years ago. It made people adapt their homes even if the property didn’t have a designated home office space. However, even though you may not have a separate room for the office, there are ways you can separate it from the rest of the area in your bedroom, living room, or some other part of your home. This nook must have its vibe but be connected with the rest of the space. You can separate your home office by using a wooden partition, a statement bookshelf, or choosing the place wisely.

A home office can look relatively independent if you place it in a corner, take up one wall just for the home office bits, and put the desk behind your sofa or sectional. Make sure there’s a discrete line between the office space and the rest of the room, but they should be in some cohesion – décor, materials, or colors.

2. Use a pop of color

pop color home office

Choose a luxurious color that will separate it from the rest of the room and add value to your home office

The power of color in our living space should never be underestimated. It can completely transform the space and add value to your home office. Depending on the surroundings, choose a contrasting color that you’ll use for the peace of the wall the desk is on, or transform your chair or some other furniture piece. Interesting color play can be powerful in making the space more expensive but also set a certain mood. Greens are reserved for calmness, focus, and stability, whereas red or orange can help with motivation and productivity.

3. Invest in décor

Decorations play a significant role in elevating the space and adding to its value. Investing in unique art pieces or other décor items can significantly benefit your home office. Not only can you get a better price if you decide to sell, but art can also inspire you to be more productive and use that office space in the best way possible. If you pick a unique theme or style for your home office, choose decorations complementing it for better results.

4. Organize

A tidy, well-organized space will always look more elegant and expensive. Some organizations can help you add value to your home office. Let’s say there’s a lot of mess on the desk that you need all the time – pens, envelopes, gadget chargers, etc. Organize them by categories and place them in unified organizers or baskets you’ll keep on the desk, on the shelf, or anywhere you find convenient. Also, different drawer organizers can help you sort out all that clutter in our desk drawers and make it easier to work. Finally, as home offices often include a lot of gadgets, get some good-quality cable organizers that will help you sort all those chargers and other cables out and hide them for a cleaner, tidier look.

5. Declutter

clean home office table

When it comes to organization, we can’t forget to mention a step you should do in the first place. That’s removing clutter and all the things you don’t need. Old papers, mail, and documents pile over time, creating an unnecessary mess in your home office. Use your paper shredder regularly to make more space and keep it as tidy as ever. Also, remove all the things you’re not using anymore – old gadgets, pens that don’t work anymore, and similar items. You’ll see how this simple task elevates the space and creates a more comfortable environment. Also, experts from Verified Movers suggest decluttering as one of the essential tasks when moving house. You eliminate unnecessary stuff and make your boxes (and your bill) much lighter.

Less clutter – more productivity!

6. Use the power of light

home office desk with lampshade

A good quality lamp can make a huge difference in every office space.

Lights are one of the key features of every interior – including your home office. When it comes to working space, the more light, the better. It’s best if your desk is placed close to a window, so you can use the most out of the natural light. But even then, it’s important to add artificial light to help you see everything well and keep you from snoozing at work. The lack of light makes the space cozy, but you don’t want to feel sleepy while working, right? Invest in multiple light sources such as desk lamps, pendant lights, or even some ceiling track lights. These will accentuate all the right areas of the home office and make it look even better.

7. Get the right furniture

The purpose of a home office is to create an inspiring space where you’ll get the work done – just as you did in your old office space. Well, you need to be comfortable to do that, so you should pay special attention to the furniture you pick for your home office – especially your chair. Invest some effort to find the best one that suits you, and that will keep the back pain away. You’ll spend hours sitting on that chair, so it needs to be as comfortable as possible. When it comes to other pieces of furniture, you can get the ones that suit the interior or DIY a bit and transform the items you already have. However, if you don’t need it now, put away old pieces properly when storing wooden furniture so it doesn’t deteriorate over time.

These small changes you can easily make can add value to your home office – and your home in general. Apart from creating an inspiring space where you’ll do all the tasks with ease, you can also do some upgrades and make it ready for the market in case you decide to sell your home one day.

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