10 Luxury Home Improvements That Pay Off

10 Luxury Home Improvements That Pay Off

Just because you bought a luxury home doesn’t mean it offers everything your heart desires. Finding the perfect home is next to impossible, regardless of your budget. Nevertheless, you can always make some improvements. Furthermore, any upgrade you make will increase the property value.

So, if you wish to sell your home and relocate, this will help you get a better offer. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing it for yourself or to attract buyers; it’s still a win-win scenario. So, here are ten luxury home improvements that pay off.

1. One of the top 10 luxury home improvements that pay off is opting for smart and green

If you want to increase the value of your home, the first thing you should do is make it smart and green. Firstly, smart technologies are becoming indispensable in this era of technological evolution. And it’s no wonder since they can make your life a lot easier. Not to mention the added comfort they provide. For example, you can install smart lights, thermostats, doorbells, and security systems.

Now, apart from making your home smart, you should also make it green. On the one hand, you will help protect the environment. And in a time when climate change causes so much damage, this is more important than ever. On the other hand, making your home energy-efficient also saves you a lot of money. And this is particularly true when it comes to big homes with huge energy bills.

2. Walk-in closets

Walk-in closet

Creating walk-in closets is one of the top 10 luxury home improvements that pay off. The truth is nobody enjoys rotating their clothes from one season to the next because they don’t have enough space. Therefore, the advisors from Heavenly Moving and Storage recommend creating as much storage space as possible. To achieve this, equip your walk-in closets with many drawers, shelves, and shoe compartments. And don’t forget about the mirrors and lights.

3. Indoor bar

An indoor bar is the best solution if you prefer the comfort of your home rather than going out for drinks. Plus, inviting friends over is a nice way to spend your evenings when you have a big home. So, learning how to mix drinks for them can be fun while you chat over the counter. Plus, you can equip your bar with everything from bottle display cabinets and shelves to a sink and a fridge. All of this will delight both your guests and potential homebuyers.

4. Wine cellar

Wine cellar

If you have a passion for wine, creating a wine cellar is a great home improvement. Moreover, if you’re a collector, not just a consumer, you also know that wine requires special storage conditions. So, make sure you can control the humidity, temperature, and lights in your wine cellar. Now, apart from creating a nice display for your wine bottles, you can also create a tasting area. This way, your guests can enjoy it too.   

5. Home theatre

Creating a home theatre is a must-have luxury home improvement. For example, you can spend a lazy afternoon there watching your favorite movies. Or, you can invite friends and family for movie night. And when you’re not in the mood for a movie, you can switch to music or video games. To create the perfect experience, you should choose a darker room. And make sure you invest in high-quality sound and video systems. Plus, you can even add a popcorn machine and a minibar.

6. Steam room or sauna

If you’re an active person or have a stressful job, you need to find ways to relax. And a steam room or sauna will give you just that. Not to mention that this amenity is highly sought-after by homebuyers. And while you needed to build a separate room for this in the past, nowadays you don’t. You can even find prefabricated kits.

7. Heated floors

Adding heated floors is one of the best luxury home improvements that pay off. And while many people apply it only to the bathroom, you shouldn’t stop there. Just imagine how nice and cozy it would feel to get out of bed and step on a warm floor. Or simply walking around the house barefoot all day.

However, since this is a pretty complex home improvement, it requires some planning. So, to make your renovation easier, you should move in with a friend until it’s done. Plus, you should make room to make it easier for the contractors to do their job. And the best solution here would be to use short-term storage for your belongings. This way, you can rest assured that your items won’t get damaged in the process.

8. Indoor pool

Indoor pool

There’s nothing that says luxury home more than an indoor pool. If you have enough space and you can afford it, don’t overthink it. You can use it for your daily workout, relaxation, and indoor pool parties. Not to mention that bad weather can’t stand in your way.

9. Outdoor hot tub

Now, if you build an indoor pool, it would be a pity not to have an outdoor hot tub. This way, you can soak in water all year round without a care in the world. Plus, if you want to increase the value of your home, adding a hot tub will do that. And this is particularly true for homes that lack pools altogether.

10. Outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens have become one of the biggest luxury home design trends. On the one hand, they are very practical, because you can fry and cook everything outside. This way, you’ll protect your home from all the smells. On the other hand, they are great for entertaining guests. You can cook all of their favorite dishes while socializing with them in your backyard. Plus, your guests can even give you a helping hand. And what’s great is that nobody will be stuck alone in the kitchen.


Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home or increase the property value, you have many options. It all depends on your preferences and budget. And of course, you should also make sure you have enough space. So, just pick one or more of these ten luxury home improvements that pay off. And rest assured that any one of them will increase your comfort and add value to your home.

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