Tips for Real Estate Video Marketing

Tips for Real Estate Video Marketing

Who doesn’t like looking at a well-built and beautifully furnished house? From being a basic living necessity to a great investment opportunity, real estate is often a hot topic in discussion. With the advancement of technology and the improvements in media and advertising, real estate has turned into a virtual industry.

Whether you want to buy a house, invest in a property or gather information, you want to see it first, and video marketing has opened new doors to the real estate industry. With the new age of technology, real estate videos and media have replaced the need to visit the actual site. It has been a revolutionary change, and research has shown that real estate listings with videos gain as much as 400% more inquiries. With real estate videos gaining more popularity day by day, you must stay up to date.

When was the last time you heard someone getting excited after seeing a real estate ad in the newspapers? Since then, the world has shifted to the audiovisual format, and video advertisements are the new normal. Today, builders and real estate brokers use high-quality images, videos, and much more to grab the audience’s attention.

A real estate video can then give information about a specific project, highlight key aspects and give virtual tours. It allows the builders and brokers to showcase the best features of the property before the client physically visits it. You can make such kinds of videos using the tool InVideo. Here are some quick tips for creating real estate videos and staying relevant in the current scenario.

The importance of real estate video marketing

The importance of real estate video marketing

The real estate market has largely shifted to virtual platforms and property listing websites. However, a recent study also verified that the majority of the customers make an online search before actually visiting the property. In this case, the primary objective of the people is to gain information with minimal effort. Real estate videos can be created to gain a customer’s attention and make them like a project before physically visiting it. Here are a few more points that specify the importance of real estate video marketing.

Get Listed

Videos made for real estate can be uploaded to a various property listing sites along with the world’s second-largest search engine – YouTube. Once the videos are on YouTube, they can be embedded into different websites, blogs, etc. It gives builders the access to seamlessly share visual information with the customers.

Generate Reliable Leads

Research shows that property listings that have videos generate 4 times more leads compared to the listing with only photos. Videos also make a good tool to build reliability and authenticity. People tend to believe in videos way more than just photographs. Another advantage of creating real estate videos is that they can be posted on social media platforms with a wide reach.

Ideas to make real estate videos

Ideas to make real estate videos

You can use multiple ways to showcase a property, build credibility and generate leads. Here are some ideas that can be implemented to make real estate videos that attract customers.

Stand Out

The real estate industry has largely been a personality-driven industry where everything needs to be presentable. In this case, videos get a lot of leverage because lighting, angles, and editing can significantly improve the look of a specific property. While providing the right authenticity helps build a strong presentable image for the clients. 

Unique Perspective

With the best tools and technology at your disposal, the possibilities to create an impactful real estate video are endless. Drone shots and 360 videos are just some examples of how you can make things attractive for clients. Editing tools to make your work even more impactful by all the powerful resources, media, filters, and transitions. Personalised videos can also be made like property tours to add credibility. This drastically improves the chances of people choosing your service over someone who only uses photographs.

Virtual Tours

A first person’s point of view video that navigates through the entire property highlighting all the important aspects, is an excellent way to induce interest in the mind of a prospective client. Moreover, with the latest technologies like Virtual reality and augmented reality, you can make videos that give people a real experience without being physically present.

Q&A Videos

With the penetration of social media platforms, the communication between clients and builders has become fairly transparent. Builders and brokers can easily identify the commonly asked question by the people. A Q&A video that talks about all the customers’ doubts and provide clarity are great tools to build credibility. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube also provide live-streaming features. These features can be leveraged to answer questions live.

Community Videos

People often are not just interested in the property but also in the community surrounding it. From the facilities around the area like supermarkets, malls, and sports complexes to schools and colleges, they want to know about them. Community videos address all these basic queries about the property and the surroundings. The content may change based on the listings and target audience. For example, a community video for a university circle will talk about nightlife, nearby bars, playgrounds, etc.

Interview Videos

These are the most popular forms of videos and have the most credibility. People in these interviews can range from old satisfied clients to people living nearby, homeowners, industry specialists, etc. These interview questions frequently revolve around people’s experiences and general responses to your service. Interviews are also a great tool to increase engagement and encourage word of mouth publicity.

Video marketing certainly has its own set of advantages, and they are very impactful in the real estate industry. Real estate videos help developers and brokers build a reliable and credible reputation, which helps them in the long run. In recent times with rapid technological development, we are moving towards more and more video-based platforms, and real estate is not an exception. To adhere to the latest trends and stay on top of your industry, marketing your real estate through video is not just important but also necessary.  

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