The 10 Top Property Investment Tips Every Investor Needs to Know

The 10 Top Property Investment Tips Every Investor Needs to Know

Purchasing an investment property is one of the most popular investment options. Investing in real estate should build wealth and ensure your financial future. However, there is a widespread assumption that property investment comes with guaranteed good returns. It might be accurate for most cases, but anomalies are not very rare either.

If you have the right idea and smartness, investing in a property might benefit you. For example, investments in properties around businesses like Riddler’s Escape, Swiggy, and Meesho have been on the rise because of the success of the companies.

It bears no repetition that the better you take care of your invested property, the higher your chances of getting your desired financial benefits from it. In order to help you out, we have compiled a list of our top tips and tricks you can use to be a successful investor.

1.  Do the math  

Property investment is the right step towards long-term prosperity. Still, it would help if you considered it a medium to longer-term investment. Always double-check if you can be at peace with the mortgage payments in the long run.

Selling the property you have invested in won’t be a cakewalk. So, in situations of a financial crisis, when you have to sell the property for survival, you might have to settle for a much lesser price.

Make sure you know the taxes that come with real estate investment and include them in your calculations. Your accountant’s advice is critical in this respect since things might alter over time. Remember that interest rates fluctuate over time.

2.  Gain a thorough understanding of the market  

Do your research on the other houses that are available in the neighborhood. Talk to both regular residents as well as real estate agents to get a clear understanding of the market.

Make certain you do your homework and get advice from specialists you can trust. You may obtain information on average rentals, property prices, demographics, and suburb reports by using unbiased data.

3.  Hire a competent property manager

competent property manager

Property managers are basically licensed, real estate agents. These people have a lot of powerful insights to offer that you can only learn while in the business. Their goal is to keep things for both you and your renter. They can provide you with continuing guidance, and assist you in managing your tenants. 

A property manager is the best person to educate you on various aspects of investment, including, but not limited to property laws, owner and tenant rights and so on. These professionals also handle any maintenance difficulties, albeit you should authorize all fees in advance.

The property manager will also assist you in locating the ideal renter, and conducting background checks. They will also ensure that the renter pays their rent on time. It’s also crucial that you don’t meddle too much with renters since they have rights under the law, which you should always respect. 

You should, however, conduct independent inspections of your property frequently. This is to ensure that your investment is being well cared for.

4.  Selecting the appropriate property at the correct price  

Choosing an investment property that is more likely to gain value is the most crucial choice in real estate investment. Therefore, purchasing at the right price is very vital.

If you are patient and intelligent, you can purchase a property for less than its actual market value. But you have to be vigilant and do your research to figure out what everything is selling for. With enough experience, you will soon develop a near-accurate perception of determining how much a property is worth.

Usually, lenders and mortgage insurers keep a tab on different areas and property developments.

It’s also crucial that your rental property fits the demographics of the area’s tenants. For example, if it’s near a university, more bedrooms will be in demand. A family house on a quiet street near schools and parks will be more attractive than one on a busy route.

5.  Determine the best sort of mortgage for you  

mortgage approved

When it comes to financing your investment property, there are a lot of possibilities. Therefore, obtain good guidance since it may make a significant difference in your financial situation. 

Usually, the interest on a property investment loan is tax-deductible, other borrowing expenses are not. Understanding the difference might be necessary. It is vital to structure your loan appropriately. This should be done with the assistance of a competent financial expert.

Keep your investment property loans separate from your house loan. They must be kept separate to maximize your continuing tax advantages while lowering your accounting expenses.

6.  Optimize the equity from another home

Buying an investment property using equity from your house or another property investment might be brilliant. The amount of money you genuinely possess in your property is referred to as equity. It is computed by calculating the difference between the value of your home and the amount you owe on your mortgage.

7.  Examine the property’s age and condition

Even if you have negative gearing, rebuilding the roof or the hot water supply within the first few months of ownership might substantially impact your profits.

It is always a good idea to get a professional building inspector to perform a well-rounded assessment of the property you are planning to buy. It’s also a good idea to choose a trained tradesperson who is licensed to do the job and has enough insurance to safeguard you from shoddy labor.

Buying a house that isn’t in perfect shape isn’t necessarily a terrible thing. You have the potential to boost the value of the property by fixing it up. This may increase your returns on both capital growth and rental income.

8.  Make the property appealing to potential tenants

appealing kitchen interior

Stick to neutral colors and make sure the kitchen and bathroom are in excellent shape. If the house has a well-put-together appearance, you will attract higher-quality renters.

Another parameter to keep in mind would be to put yourself in the tenant’s shoes. Take a look at the house and judge for yourself if you would be happy to live in that space. But remember not to get attached to the properties you have bought just for investment purposes!

It’s crucial to remember that the day will come when you’ll want to sell the house. If a particular property appeals to both property investors and owner-occupiers, you’ll have a larger market for the property. This will maximize your selling price.

9.  Negative gearing  

If the investment cost exceeds the revenue it generates, negative gearing may provide tax advantages to property owners. You may deduct your borrowing and maintenance expenditures for a property from your overall income.

However, you may only benefit from a tax break if you have other taxable income, to begin with. While you may be losing money on the property, the benefit is that the loss may be utilized to lower the amount of tax you pay on your other profits. However, don’t acquire an investment property only to receive a tax benefit.

10. Take a long-term approach to risk management


Remember that real estate and property is a long-term investments. You shouldn’t expect property values to rise immediately. The longer you can commit to a home, the better. As you accumulate wealth, you may look at buying a second investment property. Find a balance that accommodates both financial security and high-quality, happy life. Financial stability is critical, but life is more than just arithmetic.

Finally, remember that you won’t be able to sell a portion of your investment property if you need cash. Always remember that high migration levels and lack of rental properties are essential variables that favor property investment.


The route to riches in property investment does not come with a map, and it is frequently meandering. However, if you follow these advices, you can set yourself on the right track and increase your chances of success.

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