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Hello everyone! I would like to casually invite you to loveproperty.life a platform to share your love of property and the Real Estate Industry. Why have I created this website? Well, the answer is simple and that is to give people in the industry to share their wealth of knowledge with our Real Estate Audience.

There are many benefits to writing content and submitting it to websites like loveproperty.life and here are some of them.

  • You will receive a “DoFollow” backlink to your website. This will tell google that your website has an authority.
  • We have a domain authority of 50+ so that means when you write for us and link it back to your website you will gain credibility in googles eyes.
  • Become an authority in your field. When people see your article, they will automatically assume you are a leader in your field.
  • Brand recognition. When people see publish article on a site like this, they will be more attracted to you and your company.
  • Rank your article for a high search keyword so you can then drive traffic to our website.

These are really just a few of the benefits however I can assure you that there are loads more.

What sort of content are we looking for?

We are looking for unique content that will educate the audience. We will not accept content that is directly promotional as that is not what we are about. If you would like to advertise you can in our paid ad’s product. The categories that we are looking for are as follows.

  • Real Estate Training
  • Real Estate Business
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Property Management
  • PropTech
  • Real Estate News

If you would like to submit an article from us simply go to the post section and follow the simple instructions. You will be given the chance to submit your article idea and if it is approved you will then be created as a user and you will be able to submit your article. We are looking for articles that are no less than 800 words. You can include to relevant back links within your article. Your article will be reviewed, optimised and then published. If it is not suitable you will be notified.

Here are some ideas for you to get the best value out of our website.
For Real Estate Agents and agencies.

The biggest keyword you need to rank for to find more listings is Real Estate Agent “Your Suburb” Take Brisbane for example. If someone is looking for an agent in Brisbane, then they would search “Real Estate Agent Brisbane”

You will see here that 1300/month search for a Real Estate Agent in Brisbane. So what you can do is submit some content on the Real Estate Market in Brisbane or How to best find a Real Estate Agent in Brisbane. We would then give you a backlink inside your article with the “Anchor Text” Real Estate Agent Brisbane like we have done here for Metro City Realty.

If you are going to do this, we suggest that you have a great page for the areas you are targeting like the example below.

This link is what has helped them get ranked recently and was suggested in our Real Estate SEO product. Check out Real Estate Dutton Park as an example of what type of page to create.

This is just one simple idea or way to use our site to our benefit.

For other sectors, there are loads of ideas for you which we will list over time so you can get maximum exposure.

Who can write for loveproperty.life?

Well, the answer is anyone however we will not just accept anyone. Your content needs to be well structured with purpose and importantly meet our guidelines.

So, this is the first article of many to come from me as I really do enjoy writing and I have seen huge benefits to my business. I have multiple businesses where I have e spent loads of money on paid ads in the beginning. Once the business grows and is sustainable whilsdt turning a profit I aim to reduce the ads spend and get free leads by writing great content that ranks in google.

The true benefit to google is that people find you when they are actually looking. Paid ads interrupt people whilst they are browsing. Yes, you will get a lead from time to time but the quality of the lead compared to one who found you on search will be far lower. We have grown ShoreAgents from zero to a 1.5million AUD turnover in just 18 months and now due to our SEO it is growing at a rapid rate and leads come in thick and fast. Our biggest problem now is handling the demands. This is a great problem to have.

In conclusion get those fingers out and once a week have too many coffees and get writing. Thanks for reading the first ever article on what’s to be the biggest content platform for real estate.

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