Women in Real Estate Get to Know Jo

Women in Real Estate | Get to Know Jo

When Jo-Anne Oliveri started her property management career, she had consciously planned to become a beacon for women in the real estate industry. With her passion fuelled by purpose, she felt she was placed on this earth to do what she is doing. So, it burns her to her core to see so many unhappy and stressed-out women (and men) struggling in the property management industry. 

As Jo would always say, “I would love for them to have the ability to drown out the outside noise and work from within. I’m certain they would find joy and laughter even on those occasions when the situation feels hopeless or unrelenting. It’s important to help them to find the spark or lesson in what they do, so they feel grateful and empowered every day.”

Let’s have a sneak peek at how a Woman in Real Estate changed the property management game with her innovative mind and purple love.

Who is Jo Oliveri?

Jo-Anne Oliveri

Jo-Anne Oliveri, or Jo, is fondly known as ‘The Purple Empoweress’ and has a burning passion to empower positive global change in the property management industry. But beyond the property management business world, Jo is a natural globetrotter who can’t get enough of exploring the world, and she has a soft spot for everything Disney.

Never wasting a second to seize the day, she fancies running, swimming, and skiing to keep investing in her mental health. But, of course, all these wouldn’t be fun and fulfilling without sharing them with the family. Being a mother of three and a grandmother of two grandchildren, Jo can attest that watching movies and doing family activities with them makes the difference. 

Jo is also often described by many as stubborn. But little do people know that Jo has an unparalleled determination in all things she is passionate about. A woman who loves being a woman but bravely gets her hands dirty when the situation calls for it. She pitches in to get things done not for her greatness but to see those around her reach their full potential. She is regarded as one of the top 10 property management trainers and consultants in the world, and no one would dare to question why.

The Challenges of Being a Woman in the Real Estate Industry

Women in Real Estate Facing Challenges

When Jo was asked about the challenges she has faced as a woman in real estate, she didn’t address the obstacles as something gender-related. Instead, her answer inspired us and gave us a different perspective:

“I honestly don’t see challenges as a result of being female or male. I believe challenges are a result of my own goals. When you have goals, you are constantly driven, and being driven means that you will face hurdles, obstacles, setbacks, and self-doubt. I believe that every one of these challenges is a lesson for achieving what I refer to as ‘my own measurement of success and being able to sustain success when I achieve it’. Success can be fleeting if you have no appreciation or value for it. Challenges are simply lessons to be better, stronger, and more grateful.”

In overcoming these obstacles, Jo shares with us how she continuously conquers every obstacle or hurdle she may face:

“I overcame my challenges when I realised they were lessons to help me achieve the next level on my journey to success, or what I call my personal pinnacle. Sometimes I could understand immediately what the lesson was, while other times I understood through reflection. They say looking back is not good for you. It’s not good if you look back and have regret. If you reflect rather than look back, you give yourself the opportunity to learn, see perspective and be more resilient, rather than becoming resentful or regretful. Some of my challenges were traumatic, life-changing, and gut-wrenching, such as when I lost my eldest son in a very tragic and traumatic accident. I wanted to give up, I lost my purpose. When I experienced traumatic events, I took shelter in my cave of reflection, always with my eye on my pinnacle, the peak of my mountain, so I never lost sight of my goals and life purpose. Life is a journey. Don’t fight it, rather learn from it and keep traveling towards the destination of your purpose.”

The Awards over the last 30 years in the Property Management Industry

Women in Real Estate Three Decades Awards Given

Working in the industry for almost three decades and counting, she never stops seeing things with eyes of imperfection. Her passion is fuelled by purpose and her purpose in life is empowering positive global change in the property management industry.

“My purpose is my life crusade. My reason, however, is my children. They inspire me to keep going no matter what.”

Jo’s unwavering passion has always been described as infectious. Her purpose is inspiring and her authenticity is indisputable. She has also been known for being inventive and innovative with a mind that architecturally engineers and designs systems that power and empower business operations and service standards which help take the industry to the pinnacle of success.

And, with that, since 2001 she has been recognised nationally and internationally with multiple awards over the years.

In the last three years, these awards include:

Australia National Real Estate Business Awards:

2017 Industry Thought Leader (Finalist) – National Real Estate Awards

2019 Industry Thought Leader (Finalist) – National Women in Real Estate Awards

2019 Industry Thought Leader (Finalist) – National Real Estate Awards

2020 Industry Thought Leader (Finalist) – National Real Estate Awards

2020 Industry Training Company (Finalist) – National Real Estate Awards

2020 Industry Training Company (Finalist) – National Business Awards

2020 Innovator of the Year Individual (Finalist) – National Women in Real Estate Awards

2020 Industry Thought Leader (Finalist) – National Women in Real Estate Awards

2020 Coach of the Year (Winner) – Women in Real Estate Awards

2021 Industry Thought Leader (Finalist) – National Real Estate Awards (Awards February 2021)

2021 Mentor of the Year (Finalist) – National Real Estate Awards (Awards February 2021)

2021 Industry Training Company (Finalist) – National Real Estate Awards (Awards February 2021)

2019 Client Xperience Executives Summit – Disney Business Leadership and Management, Orlando, Florida USA

Elite Agent Magazine

2017 Industry Influencer of the Year (nominated by colleagues and industry peers)

Jo is a natural achiever. She is the epitome of love, care, strength, and courage as her achievements aren’t meant for her own glorification. Her success is a result of her passion fuelled by purpose to lift the people around her and bring out their greatness.

Real Estate Coach of the Year Horizontal Banner

This made her a leading authority on all things property management. She’s an international real estate identity who has trained thousands of business owners and property managers across the globe. Throughout the years, she has become the founder and managing director of companies like ireviloution and Purple Powered VA, to name a few. She is also an author of the book ‘Find Your Property Manager Now’, which can be bought as an eBook or as a paperback. This book will end every property owner’s frustration of hiring the wrong property manager as it teaches you to ask and receive the right questions and answers, rendering you making more profit.

Behind the Success of being a Woman in Real Estate

Woman in Real Estate Reason and Inspiration Behind The Success

These successes were achieved because Jo knows her ‘why’; her purpose. And here’s what inspires her always:

“My inspiration behind my success is quite simply my children. They inspire me to keep going. When I had my first child, I felt this enormous sense of warrior courage to protect my children, nurture them, help them live their best lives, to accept challenges, to accept themselves, and to find their own superpower. I was their mum, but I also knew I would also be their best friend for life. That person they could rely on no matter what; to be their hero. But, I was so shy and had very little confidence. When I realised that I was thinking life was tough and that I was not the best version of myself, I changed. I found my inner warrior, connected to my soul, learnt to live from the inside out, rather than from the outside in, and, as a result, I found my purpose: to empower global change in the property management industry. So, while my children and now my grandchildren inspire me every day to push through my own personal and professional self-imposed limitations, they are also my reason.”

To All Women in Real Estate Out There…

A message to all Women in Real Estate

Here is Jo sending purple love to every woman in real estate:

Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” I have this quote on my Facebook page. Pursue your own dreams. Your dreams will drive you; other people’s dreams won’t. Always measure your own success against your own goals. Never measure your success against someone else’s success. Be true to yourself, be authentic, and live your life on purpose. Have the courage to believe in your dreams and yourself and go for it!

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