Write for Us Real Estate

Write for us Real Estate

Are you in Real Estate and would like to write for us? Well…Introducing loveproperty.life—a write-for-us real estate platform, allowing you to share your knowledge in the real estate space to our real estate-specific audience.

What are the benefits of writing for your Real Estate Careers or Business?

The answer to this is a lot. I must share my experience in writing—how it has helped me with many businesses in the past and will continue to be a big part of my strategy in the future. Back in the day, I owned a traditional real estate business, and I discovered that a big part of SEO was content and obtaining backlinks. The other thing I worked out is that if I made a highly targeted page based on the keyword I wanted to rank for, the results were supercharged.

My old business is still running, as I sold and got out to collect a solid paycheque to move on to my next adventure. Upon my quick research, I think maybe they dropped off this strategy but they are still having success for one of the areas we serviced. We listed and sold homes in Upper Mount Gravatt Queensland, so we wanted to make sure we ranked for “Real Estate Upper Mount Gravatt“, which it still does in Google. This is due to the number of articles I wrote about Upper Mt. Gravatt and got them backlinked to our website. 

This is a simple benefit for an agent or agency. You can use our site for us to backlink to your specific pages and help you with your rankings. You can read more about this in our article about Real Estate Guest Posting.

Another business that I run is an online business. The same strategy and benefits apply. One of the main keywords people search for is “For Sale By Owner.” We want to rank for this because it is what people search for if they’re going to sell a property without using the traditional agent. My mum is the main person in this business. I showed her the content strategy, and she has executed it perfectly, as you will see here: For Sale By Owner Made Easier with Modern Technology

Today, my core business is called ShoreAgents. Basically, we provide virtual assistants for the Real Estate Industry, and our SEO strategy is insane. I think I must have written at least 20 guest posts for backlinks to our page, Real Estate Virtual Assistant. We are always on page one and fluctuate around spot one to eight. If ever we drop off, guess what? It is writing time!

Real Estate Write for Us

Okay, so let’s get to how we can help you.

We have a fairly extensive keyword list that we will need to write a unique article for above 1200 words. Some of these keywords are not for our benefit, so we are opening them up to you. People, then, will do the work to rank it and send traffic back to you.

I have reached out to people on the following keywords:

  • Real Estate CRM
  • Real Estate Chatbot
  • Property Management Training
  • Real Estate SEO
  • Real Estate Outsourcing
  • Real Estate Google Ads

Do you have a short-tail keyword that you would like to rank for? Are you a real estate software company, photography, or an agency itself?

Real Estate Photo Editing would be a great one or Real Estate Software if you own a trust account software company like PropertyMe. I think the biggest opportunity is to rank as a real estate company and pick an area just to destroy.

One of our clients sees the advantage in this and wants to lock down “Real Estate Agent Melbourne.” So now, he is in the process of constructing a thought-provoking and unique article on this topic as we speak. 

Write for us

So, if you would like to “Write for us,” it is really simple. Just sign up, follow the guidelines, and your article will be live in no time. 

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